Eyelids are firmly glued and the body refuses to come out of its comfortable cocoon. Slowly the ayes open out to the (not so) welcoming morning. But there is no time to be wasted! Hating everything that comes in front of it the body comes out of its reverie and begins the work to look acceptable for the LONG DAY ahead. Brush, shower, breakfast all come and go in a blur.

The legs complaining loudly haul the body towards the exit points outside the house. The outside world welcomes the tired eyes with chaos!!.. It is very difficult to distinguish one place from other. Reaching the correct destination is another problem altogether. Somehow the mind and the body work in tandem and wade through the ever increasing confusion. At last the eyes spot the dome of the railway station through all the smog. The body spends all its energy trying to reach the dome before any other pressing body nearby can. Somehow after glaring, pushing and getting pushed the mind is satisfied to have completed at least a part of the morning quest (the railway station has been reached). Now at the embarkation point the general confusion gives way to total mayhem. The body cringes to the touch of so many pressing bodies but the mind has just one goal –embark the vehicle. All the mayhem lasts for about when another vehicle arrives soon after. The time spent pressing against all the bodies is like a long tortures wait until without warning (except for more showing and swearing) the body is flung out into the open.

The first thing the mind registers is “FILTH”. People are spitting and dirtying the place without a second thought. The body directs all its energies to get away from the place where it felt relief only some time ago. But the thought of escaping from the filth is wasted. The way outside is as bad if not worse. Hugging the bag closer to the body and shivering slightly the mind and body escape to greater perils. The maze of steel that needs to be conquered and the amount of dirt over the concrete that needs to be trampled through cannot be described. After what seem like hours of criss-crossing through filth, dodging steel monster and believe it or not more bodies the final destination is very near.

Suddenly through all the haze the eye registers some familiar faces coming from the opposite way. The brain is barely able to register the message the familiar faces convey(The entire exercise was a waste). Instead the body responds almost instantly, it turns and plunges back into the maze of steel, concrete filth and bodies for possibly(hopefully) last time in the day!..

(everything is exaggerated a bit)

--Atul Barapatre

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