On line Admission Tests!


On line admission tests are the outcome of modern cyber technology that enables thousands of prospective students as well as the employees to get their skills tested in the on line spending the least amount of their energy, time and money.


In the process, you avoid the hassles of advance reservation, travel, heavy spending of your money, energy and above all your precious time. You also get your feedback or the outcome or the result of your performance in the admission tests immediately.


In fact the on line admission tests serve as a screening process for eliminating the people with lesser talent and aptitude, besides filtering spurious and unqualified candidates when they apply in large numbers for a fewer number of posts that call for greater amount of skill, accuracy and energy.


No doubt such on line admission tests are a boon to a country like India, in which, your right to education, right to employment, right to live in any part of the country, are guaranteed as fundamental rights by our constitution.


The educational institutions like IITs, IIMs, the medical colleges and the law colleges that remain spread in various parts of our country are holding the all India admission tests, to select students for the various courses to which they offer admission on the all India basis. Similarly, the public sector undertakings of the Government of India including the nationalized banks are recruiting their employees on the all India basis.


Naturally, in the wake of the high unemployment factor that prevails in the country, these all India organizations and educational institutions are flooded with applications that practically make them quite difficult to deal with.


Therefore, as a way of screening or filtering process, these organizations or educational institutions resort to cyber technology by holding the on line admission tests.


However, holding the on line tests require a fool proof system, a high degree of skill to devise and handle such system and above all, it needs to be intelligible and easy to understand by the people for whom it is meant. In other words, a high degree a skill and intelligence is required from the people who take up these on line admission tests.


Recently, IIMs for the first time in their history, offer to hold their CAT (Common Admission Tests) in the on line throughout the country However, there is some snag in holding CAT in the on line caused by viruses and other drawbacks and the CAT stands extended by December 8, 2009.


The news about the snags in holding CAT through the on line has raised a reasonable apprehension among the student community, because, their admissions to the premiere management institutions are at stake, despite preparing for the same months together.


Hence, the authorities concerned instead of holding the on line tests for CAT etc on a large scale throughout the country on the all India basis, may hold it zonal wise or region wise or even on the basis of the institution wise, so that a heavy rush of prospective applicants may get reduced; by localizing such exams, one may also hope to avoid snags and viruses that pose a real threat to such on line tests. The only drawback in localizing such on line tests is that the prospective students need to be more alert and have to appear in a number of tests, but they can be selective also without unduly worrying about the on line tests held for other zones.






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