Me being a IT student, its important for me to learn lots of computer courses. IT companies usually see what additional qualities or knowledge a person has, before actually hiring him. So, I went on the internet to search for some courses that I can learn online. What I found was that most of them were paid sites that requested me to pay a certain amount of money before I join the course. Later, one of my friend happened to tell me about this website called, which has lots of courses online to learn for free.


So, I went on the internet and saw this website, I was really amazed to see that they are offering so much courses for free. The first impression of this site made me feel that, I can certainly learn a lot from this website. It is designed in user-friendly manner and is really easy for anybody to browse throughout the website.


The other cool feature about this website is that, one doesn’t needs to register on this website. Anyone can come and start using all the features of the website, without logging in. It also has a feature, wherein a user try and see what they have learned throughout the course. For example, I started by learning HTML language in w3schools, so after every topic there was a tool called HTML editor wherein we could use the codes that we learned during the course and see what the output is.


W3schools has lots of  courses available and most of the courses are related to web designing. This is the list of Tutorials that they offer :-

-      HTML & CSS

-      Browser Scripting

-      XML Languages

-      Server Scripting

-      Web Services

-      Multimedia

Just visit and enjoy learning!!

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