The scientific advancements have led to a new understanding of the universe and its mysterious ways. Science has achieved quite a number of important breakthroughs and opened up new frontiers of knowledge to the point that we we expect science to have the last word on any question in our life. The advent of computers, remote-sensing satellites and the household gadgets in our day-to-day life has raised our living to a standard which we could not even imagine a few decades back. Our lives are so completely dominated by it that we tend to think that science is omnipotent. But is it so? Is there any relevance of metaphysics in our lives?


Dr. Alexis Carrel, a Nobel laureate related his unusual experiences in his celebrated book “ Man, The Unknown” and recorded the miraculous happenings in his life. He is not the only famous personality who has done this. Another member of the medical fraternity and aslo a Nobel laureate Charles Robert Richet while speaking at a meeting of distinguished professional of the medical field he said: “ Metaphysics is not yet officially a science, recognized as such. But it is going to...... Our five senses are not our only means of knowledge, and a fragment of reality reaches the intelligence the other ways... Because a fact is rare is no reason to hold that it does not exist.” How true are these words!


There are innumberable phenomena in our lives which are inexplicable with whatever knowledge science has accumulated so far. The father of modern science Professor Einstein has put it in his inimitable manner as extracting one incomprehensible form another incomprehensible. Solving one mystery opens up another and prompted the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison to say: “ We don't know one-millionth of one per cent about anything.” Thus the quest for the ultimate knowledge continues and would ever continue.

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