Kanpur is which I live is one of the highly developed cites of India. it is the fifth biggest city of our country. “Industrial capital” of our state. A man can live and dies in content here of he can enjoy all amenities of life in this metropolis.


Its situation and site -

            Kanpur stands on the right bank of the holy Ganga. It is 80 kilometers from Lucknow anmd 444 kilometers from delhi the capital of India. If you enter Kanpur by train you can see from a distance its high chimneys throwing columns of smoke high up in the sky.


Its industries and markets –

            Kanpur is primarily an industrial town. Its cotton woolen, rayon, leather and metal industries have a fair market all over the world. Owing to the quick means of transport which fly speedily in every direction its trade is second to none in the style. For a buyer, Kanpur has fine markets with most modern type of shops. These shops contain things of all tastes and fashions and are so tastefully decorated that their magic compels every passerby to stop for a moment of enjoy “Indra Lok” created by them.


Its beauty spot –

            For a visitor, Kanpur has a number of beauty spots too. If you pass an evening by moti jheel. You will remember its soothing charm all the time. Then the beauty of kamla retreat is no less invigorating. But our visit to kanpur can not be complete if NANA RAO park is left unseen. The place is important historically as it played a heroic part in the war of independence in 1857. The zoo at Nawabganj is also of its kind in Asia.


A center of education –

            For students, kanpur is not without educational facilites. it has all sorts of institutions beginning from nursery to university standard. They impart education in a;; branches – arts . Commerce. Humanities and science. The medical college and technological institutes of kanpur are supposed to be the best in Asia.


Kanpur is a growing town. Not only its area is growing larger but more attention is being pained to make kanpur neat and clean and a beautiful town. if it continues to develop with its present speed . The day is not far when is will ranked with London and New York.


Map of Kanpur-



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