There can not be an iota of doubt that the abnormal growth of population in India is the mother of many of our problems and our success and failure on this front would ultimately decide our survival. Even a cursory glance at the conditions of our cities and towns would reveal the grim reality that these groaning under overpopulation with multifarious problems of terribly deficient civic services, poor policing . And as a result most of them have ceased to be livable and heading for a situation to die a natural death! The state of health of a nation can not be judged by the conditions prevailing in a few metros. Even a few of our metro cities are the victims of overpopulation and the resultant chaos. You just have to scratch the surface of New Delhi, the national capital to see its underbelly. The migrants who take refuge in colonies lead a sub-human existence with problems of acute shortage of drinking water and others.


If one looks at the global scenario, it is equally daunting! The mankind took one million years to reach the first billion around the year 1800. But hold your breath! By 1900 we added one billion more and the 20th century witnessed addition of three billion! What is more striking that three-fourths of the people who walked on this planet since the birth of life in it are alive!

And by now we may have grown to be six billion plus.


It, indeed, portray a very frightening picture for all of us. If we are to live in minimum comforts and to meet the expectations of a decent life and decent living, we have to take some concrete measures on an urgent basis. The internecine tensions and strains that have become part of our daily existence can be effectively reduced if we succeed in controlling the ballooning size of our population. Even The World Bank's World Development Reports have laid a great emphasis on the control of population as an imperatives of development mainly because of the fact that all the fruits of economic development are quickly gobbled by a rapidly growing population.

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