Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. In life there are good as well as bad times. For a second some people miss the bus which meets with an accident on the way. Many times, we see people complaining that there is no time to complete the work but at the same time they should know that it is the time which the scientists use to invent some new things, the film makers use to do their films, the researchers use to carry on their research. So if they succeed in the making the best use of time, why can’t we make the best use of time?

We must know that if the farmer had not worked in the paddy fields we would not have got our daily food in time. If the fire brigade were not in time at the emergency it would result in death of many. Most often we say that at the right time the doctor saved the life of the patient. Therefore we see that to save the life of the patient time is very important. Hence only requirement in today’s world is proper time management, as “Time wasted never returns.”

For instance when the students have the time they do not utilize it but when they have to sit at the exams, they study the whole portion with extra time and energy and thus fail to use the time in a proper manner. Here I remember,” Time is short, not for rest, think your aim and do your best.”

Many people complain that there is not time to read and even take rest if there is proper time management. Scheduled management of time can give you ability, decision making, health, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, make you easier to work with, make you easier to work with, make you feel relaxed and most importantly, reduces stress.

It is easy to waste time but to use the time in a proper way, it requires some steps to follow. They are-

1- Keep a time record: Fix time for each activity. See that the work is completed within the period.
2- Short term goals: Have short term goals. Set the goal for each day, week and month. This will help you to allocate your time.
3- Planning: Plan and use your time in such a way that you have a clear idea of what you want to do with the day, map out a definite progamme, know what you like doing with your leisure.
4- Interruptions: Do not allow any one to disturb you when you are doing with your leisure.
5- Schedules: Make schedules to execute your work in a fruitful manner.
6- Avoid overworking: Try to begin the work before the scheduled time is not healthy.
7- Stick at it: Of course we have to be sensible about how can we keep on short breaks for coffee and chat, but not unless we set a definite time limit to finish them.
8- Scale the time: Time is squandered if you do low priority things during periods set aside to work on high priority goals.
9- Live and work at a steady pace: When we live and work at a steady pace, we do it within our capacity of achievement and enjoyment. This is the golden rule for happy and contented life because it makes the judicious use of time.

These when you put them into practice effectively not only help you organize yourself better but also lead to correct management of time. Remember if wealth is lost is can be regained but time lost is lost forever. Thus, you need to follow the above time management techniques so that time wasted will not be life wasted.  Hence time is precious and should not be wasted. Remember,” Time wasted never returns.”  

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