Step1. Medical.  Do  a class I medical before proceeding abroad. We provide guidance and help in getting the things done in the right way.

Step 2.Aptitutude test. Almost all airlines and prime training Institutes carry out aptitude tests at entry level to ensure that the candidates have the basic qualities required to fly. To avoid inconvenience at a later stage, we have introduced a screening test to be done in India. This test will give you and us a fairly good idea on your capabilities. Details of the test are given below.

Pilot Aptitude test, interview and psychometric test up to Airline level. Free counseling will be provided to the students who appear for this test on procedures and steps to be followed in India for a CPL.
Students will also be told about flying training requirements and expectations in the country you opt to fly in. A brief will be given on Indian & foreign medicals, visa processing, syllabus, conversion procedures, placement opportunities in India etc.

Step3. Flying Preparatory Programme:  Includes coaching on basics of all aviation subjects like nav,regulations,met,technical, theory of flight and R/T.Student is guided on aspects like medical,visa,dgca procedures, foreign medical,R/T etc. and given study material for DGCA and foreign exams( eg from The Grounds Up , Canadian AIP, Pstar etc.)  to assist you in clearing these exams with ease. You are given extensive training through computer based interactive programmes on ground subjects and flying lessons on simulator.

Step 4.Proceed for flying as per following programme:  I have flying options in Canada,New Zealand,Australia,USA and Phillipines.I can recommend you the package which suites you depending upon your background.

Step 5 CPL & Multi Engine Instrument Rating.  Go to country of your choice to do CPL and Multi Engine Instrument Rating. We can offer you the choices to suit your requirements. We will monitor you and guide you on DGCA requirements for flying. We will also guide you on paper work required to be done as per DGCA requirements.

Step 6 CPL Conversion Exams:  You receive assistance in R/T conversion,DGCA procedures, Airlines interviews etc. on your return.Join our coaching for conversion exams in subjects of Navigation, Air Regulations and Met. Start paper work for conversion and formalities required to convert your CPL.We will guide you through these steps.

Step7 Conversion and there after.  Apply on line with all Airlines for a job. Compile remaining documents as per DGCA requirements. You should get your licence and an Airlines job with in a few weeks time.

More details about Pilot Training


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