With the completion of last year of graduation some students are ready to take a jump in the job sector, others aspire for higher studies. But either of it is a tough task for any student. 


Getting placements in the various drives held by various IT companies is not an easy task.Whether its campus placement or a pool drive in some other college the need of confidence and intelligence is desired by the companies . Generally every company has some criteria like the candidate must have had secured 60% throughout his 10th , 12th , and the graduation, should have good computer skills , good communication skills , a good knowledge base etc.


Every company usually has 3-4 rounds. Starting from the written test, through which it filters the capable candidates by judging the aptitude and the IQ level of the candidates . Then having a technical interview in which they find technically sound candidates as per their job profile . Finally the HR interview where the selected candidates are checked for their persona and situational reactions.


The number and nature of rounds may vary according to th IT companies and the job they are offering. The above mentioned rounds are commomn in all . 

The placement activities should be handled by the candidates very calmly because at times when a candidate does not get selected , he/she looses the composure and confidence. One should always participate in every placement drive with full enthusiasm and confidence irrespective of the results. Because sometimes luck also plays an important role in the selection as for example a person sitting form morning till evening awaiting for his turn ,will have to go empty hand because the committe members who came for recruitment had the reservation for the train and couldn't wait to take more interviews!!!!


The placement activity have given both students and the companies chance to grab the best one for themselves in terms of dream companies for candidates and eligible employees for the companies.


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