Ways of Life
It might seem a joke that I am talking about the ways of life. But it's actually a very tempting topic that made me to pen down my thoughts. First and foremost is the development of conscience that will lead you to the right direction. The conscience is the closest guardian, sometimes even closer than our parents. You can share every good, bad, happy and embarrassing situation with your conscience. Don't bother about the world, your consciences will always answer what you want, in fact better.

positive thinking

Positive thinking.

Next is positive thinking. Think positive against all oddities. Whatever be the situation, how much ever be the degree of negativity ‘LIFE IS THEIRS- WHO COULD MAKE IT POSITIVE’. You can make your life positive by taking it positively. Always try to find some positive sparks in all unpleasant situation.

dont fear

Don’t fear.
Next is envy, unseen and untold yet very dangerous. It is the element which you need to fear. Once you have learnt to envy you have learnt to die-‘TO DIE EVERY MOMENT’. So don’t fear.Roosevelt said-“…the only thing which you need to fear is fear itself. The elements of fear like envy, hatred, laziness….are to be feared”.
Support is another option, we can not call it an option, its mandatory. If you don’t get support, you lack inspiration; if you lack inspiration, you lack motivation; if you lack motivation, you lack success. Seek support from your conscience.

Independent and confidence.
Be independent. Character is such a virtue which is gained by great toil and if lost once, can never be regained back. ‘Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, they become your destiny’. Confidence develops because of character. If you have no confidence you are twice defeated in the race of you life. With confidence you have won even before you have started.

That’s the secret of everyman’s career. Not only education, or being genius, but desire…
I know I am lasting this article into the boring hornbill.
So trust yourself, your conscience, your family. God believe in yourself, believe in your confidence and believe in your theory and move ahead. You have two choices- continue your sleep with dreaming or wake up and chase your dread.

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