Civil Service Exam,India's toughest and top most exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission(UPSC),every year to recruit Administrative personnel to appoint as District Collectors,Superintendent of Police etc.,Right after from ruling politicians,these officers play a vital role in administration.So,Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) makes tough recruitment process throughout the year with three stages in selecting process namely prelimiinary exam,main exam and interview.When we look into the exam nature,prelimiinary exam is just a screening test which tests our General Knowledge , General Science and Current affairs.But in the hand of Main exam,we have to present descriptive type of answers in general knowledge,regional language,essay and our optional subjects.Here, we have to select two optional subjects based on our choice.Many Civil Service Aspirants made success in their exams by choosing right optional but some of them fail in their attempts.While analyzing the reason of failure,most of the civil service aspirants noted that they have choose wrong optional or may be they cannot continue their chosen optional.So,i have listed a basic things to be considered before choosing an optional subject in civil service exam.


When we ask somebody for instance a college goer,whether you pursued this course with interest? Many often answers that my father told or my mother insisted to do.At this situation i promise that he/she cannot be a successful person in that particular field.Since without interest,we cannot make the work or study lovable.Hence before choosing the optional,analyze whether you have interest on that subject.Suppose if you selected a particular subject without interest,then you cannot study the subject in correct manner.In the same time,if we choose the subject with interest,then we can score high marks.So,choose the subject wisely with interest.

2.Material Available

The second thing is we should elect the optional paper based on the material available.Normally some will chooses the optional subject first itself then they will not find materials to study about the subject.This leads to a bad result of getting fail.Suppose for instance,if we do not have exact materials for the particular optional,then how can we prepare for that? Hence,before choosing the optional analyze whether we can obtain the books and materials to study that particular subject in respective language.We can find such books and study materials in bookshops and library etc.,

Besides this,there are numerous factors in choosing optional paper according to the aspirant.Hence,it depends on the candidate.Choose the most appropriate one that fits you.Once if we selected,then we cannot change that selection in the particular attempt.We are able to change  it in the next attempt.

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