Ca - A course well known in the country 

Why is it that a scarce 3% of the candidates go through the Ca-final stage of the course. Why not 20 or 30%. Is it really very tough nut to crack or is there something lacking to go ahead.

Let's find out!!!

CONCEPT filled course

This one fact to be understood, that if one is not upto the mark of "conceptual" preparation for C.A, he shouldn't enter this zone of battle. This exam requires more of conceptual understanding and good revision than that of degree or any other general course. If one thinks only of money after becoming C.A, he blinds himself of the hardwork and determination required to put in the process of achieving success in this 2nd toughest C.A in the world.

Make it a point that if you are putting efforts to punch above the degree standards and change yourself to write "only" relevant and appropriate answers. Understand the bitter and life changing truth that only if you are understanding the concepts of each subject and able to connect it with different subjects when it is required, only then will you be able to excel and mint the money you are dreaming to earn, lest even after becoming a C.A by rot learning you will earn a very "meagre" income!!!. Swallow this bitter practical truth as it is, and take a decision on your course continuation or discontinuation.

Patience really pays

Understand that if you are trying your sincere and dedicated efforts to qualify and even then you do not qualify, then this is the time of patience testing. If you think of giving it up when you are failing, you are giving up on your future

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