Well, I used to wonder how it would be like to take up freelancing writing jobs or freelancing instructional designer jobs. I found that getting freelancing writing jobs including instructional design jobs is not that difficult, in fact there are loads of work assignments available at your disposal. 

In this article I will pen down the downside of working from home as a freelance. This is purely based on my experience and not just something I read here and there. Here is why working from home and working as a freelance may sound pretty exciting but may not be that good!

#1: Freelancers are often not paid after submitting the assignment.

Yes, you may feel and think that I am giving out some incorrect information about freelance job givers or employers. No twice it so happened that I was not paid my due amount. In fact I was clearly told that they don’t have any issue with the quality of my storyboard but they just want me to sell my skills for free and extract too much work. Sadly, I had to quit and what else could I have done, after all no SOW was signed and I agreed to work on good will. So the thumb rule before taking up any freelance assignment sign a SOW (Statement of Work) to keep as a proof of your work.

#2: You need to take up many small assignments.

Yes, as a freelancer, you will have to take up at least two well-paid jobs in order to make a living out of it. Of course you cannot run a household merely by freelancing, so you need something to fall back on. Doing two or three odd writing jobs, or taking up a good instructional design project may be necessary to accrue a substantial amount each month. On top of it you will have to use your own resources for which you may not be paid unlike a regular office job.

#3: Although you don’t have to commute to your workplace, it may not be the best thing.

Well, who would not want to skip long queues and heavy traffic and work from the comfort their homes? But watch out for the extra freedom that you get, it can act against you. You slowly forget to draw a line between office work and home work and start losing out on maintaining the work-life balance. Going to your office gives you to set aside time for your work, and then time to be with your family once you come back.

#4: When working from home you take too many work breaks.

Yes, while working from home is a very good option for mothers with small babies or kids, it may not be the best option for all. People tend to put up a lax attitude and put-off work for later and ultimately deadlines are not met and work suffers. Not many people are very productive when at home. Moreover, there are numerous things on the internet to take up your time. Also, you tend to become lazy when working from home and too many distractions at home can make it difficult for you to concentrate.

#5: Communicating from home with colleagues and co-workers can be difficult.

Yes, in the age of technological advancement, where communicating has never been so easy, communicating with co-workers and colleagues can still be challenging. Skype, Gtalk, Viber, and all kinds of internet communication can be of no use if the broadband connection is bad. Also, sometimes it becomes lot easier to communicate when face-to-face. Giving feedback or taking feedback becomes easy with lesser room for miscommunication.

#6: If you working from home, you can feel isolated.

Yes, it can be very good to work from your home but eventually, you will feel lonely and no one to communicate with. Yes, we all know about work and office politics, but even then it is better to connect with colleagues and have some kind of communication open rather than slogging all alone.

#7: No formal wear is required, but are you sure?

Yes, in the initial phase of working from home one of most exciting part is to work in the clothes that you wear at your home, no tie, no formal outfit, you can even work in your night suit or pyjamas. Isn’t this a wonderful thing? Initially you may feel relaxed by working in a relaxed outfit, but slowly it may pace down your work. But if this goes on, you may start taking your work less seriously. Yes, a formal wear makes you look professional and makes you feel that you are working. This is the reason why most companies make us wear formals from Monday to Thursday and semi-casual wear on Fridays. After all this has a reason. Although, I feel productive and feel like working even when I am not in my formal wear, it can affect our psyche in the long run. So dress accordingly.

Well, let me wrap up by saying that all the above point are based on my individual experience and may differ from person-to-person who choose to work from home and may feel differently.

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Comments (6)

  1. Shanmuganathan

Ya Ghosh. It's really a good article for newbies like me. But, Do you think considering freelancing as a money making technique or passion?

  1. Mousumi Ghosh    Shanmuganathan

Personally, I like my job hence I have taken up freelancing and freelancing can never give you any substantial income, but can help to supplement your primary income.

  1. vijay

Very true. Freelancing is not a paying proposition as a main source of income but can at best be supporting the primary income. Yet it can help kill boredom.

  1. Mousumi Ghosh    vijay

Yes, Vijay, i agree it definitely helps to put your time to good use if nothing else.


may i know something about statement of work (SOW)?


@ Singaravelu: May I know what exactly do you want to know?

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