Career by chance or by choice

This is a situation faced by millions of people in India every year as not everyone is in a job of his or choice. I have read so many posts which say a job satisfaction is prime motivating factor that encourages a person to do his best. But if one is not in a job of his choice then? Obviously it’s hard to be in a job which you’re not doing with your choice and still feeling happy. So what is the alternative, should you leave the job and try for something that you always wanted to or adjust and try to make your present job more likable! 

I would go for the second choice despite all the odds and try to mold myself to the present job as much as possible until I get a job of my interest. And who knows with a little bit of efforts you begin to adhere or even find your present job interesting enough. May be your present job that you thought was a burden on you but with little bit of interest you start loving the challenges you fac. Trust me, if you look at our present job with a new perception you may find it an altogether new experience, not in every case though, some of us would still like to get rid of their present jobs.

Ways you get motivated 

Let me clear it at this point that I have said it based on the way different persons find motivation in their workplaces. Certain people work for the kick of praise they get for their performances. They consider name and fame as big boosting factor which keeps them going forward for more than anything else. Some people do it to prove their expertise and do some extra efforts to stay in limelight. For them being looked as a leader in certain field is more than an achievement and always works as a driving force.  

As a marketing professional I have seen a person at the lowest rank of the team but having lots of talent and raring to go but not finding his outlet in normal work environment suddenly returns far better results as soon as made a group leader which enabled him to show his leadership qualities. In fact he was happy to show his powers of displaying his qualities of accepting the challenges independently. Persons like these are always eager to show off their success results to their colleagues and seniors. 


Cooperation makes one interested in his job either ways, give it or take it but if someone helps others it never goes unnoticed. If you help someone in his tough time during job you are bound to get a favor in return when your time comes. It mostly happens when someone is working on a time bound project and finding himself way behind the schedule. A helping hand will not only solve his problem but you will also see that you are feeling important and looking at your job with more respect and somewhat more satisfied than before.  And not to talk about a friendly colleague in a work place is always a treasure.  

Your targets matters

We all do the routine jobs with best of our abilities, I am sure we all do but some of us do a little extra while not busy with their routine tasks. We can always do certain things which in turn will be helpful in financial gains for your company. These might or might not ever surface on the ground but the satisfaction of doing something good for the company will provide you a great pleasure and per chance these come to the notice of your seniors, they will certainly notice it and know about your abilities. I leave the result of such jobs on your imagination. I am sure your name will be there at the top when the next promotion list will be announced. 

No excuses please 

Most of the problems we face at work places are real but some of them we create ourselves. Like the people who find their jobs not to their satisfaction use excuses trying to evade the work by saying, ‘oh I have never done it before’ or ‘I am not able to do it’ maybe the best excuse they find is ‘I will spoil the whole thing’. 

I suggest you never to use such words as they will show you the door before you are really ready for that. I am hundred percent sure that there is not a job which you cannot do with your own efforts or with the help of your seniors and colleagues. On the other hand most employees do not know how to complete a job on their own but they do it without a trace of a complaint and they succeed in the end. Once you have self confidence in yourself and your abilities your moral will go up and you will love taking such jobs as challenges and loving your job with new outlook.

'Updated' is Key to success 

We all know but let me repeat that skills and updates are directly related to each other so to stay in competition you must keep your skills updated at every step. That will help you stay ahead in the race as well interested in your job as you will see newer avenues opening each and every day. There are lot of chances for technically updated people in our industries but most of the ten million candidates in search of jobs do not qualify for the jobs they apply for. 

In fact, they have not done enough efforts in their colleges or during their preparatory period to keep updated to the demands of the job they applied for. In fact we have enough openings in our country but the problem is we do not have enough skilled people to fill them in true sense and if the companies recruit such “unskilled’ people they find themselves misfit for the job hence the dissatisfaction.  

Now the other way round

Let me ask a simple question, ‘Are you satisfied with your job?’ Why I am asking this as I have read in so many management surveys that almost 50% people in our country are satisfied with their job or maybe the actual figure may vary and it could be 45 or 46%. But the fact that almost 50% employees in India agree to leadership style of their companies and this is more true for the specific age group of 20-30 which is more important as that is the time when most employees join jobs and their interest matters. But the fact that as the employees grow in age they find themselves lesser concerned that goes to show the level of their expectations increasing with passing years.


The most important factor of your job is to understand the nature and workload otherwise you will never be satisfied with your job. I am sure salary is important for you but it’s equally important to know that nature of job should have equal weightage. It may sound out of the way but the fact if one gets to learn everything about his future company and management especially his immediate boss it will help adjust in the setup easily. If you ask me about my personal suggestion I will prefer to work in a company of my choice even if I get a lower salary. Last but not the least, the distance in between my office and my home is very important as the time saved during travel to and fro could be utilized for my personal works.

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  1. Lopamudra

The grass is always greener on the other side. I have seen many people cribbing about their jobs and comparing them to what perks people in other jobs are getting. Well raised points to give it the best shot and make it work!!

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