So what you know is that you can’t prepare for a job interview overnight though it is also true that you should always be ready to face one. After all an interview is nothing but the interviewer and the interviewee getting to know each other and determining if the interviewee is suitable for the job she is being interviewed for. What you can do right away is remain positive and upbeat, have a good self image and do something every day that will take you closer to your goal. The goal is to become the best person you can be. Remember you are not really in competition with anyone else. Your motto is every day in every way I will become better and better. You have to sharpen your axe every day as Stephen Covey will say. Your axe here is your brain, your character and your personality.
                                              Let us create a hypothetical situation. For a moment assume you are the CEO of your own Company and you are going for a holiday and plan to be travelling around the world. You will be gone for six months. You are looking for a Chief Manager who will look after your Company in your absence. What kind of a manager will you recruit? What qualities should your manager have? The other day when we discussed this in the class full of students of business management a huge list of desirable qualities was proffered by them. They would want their Chief Manager to have good communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving and conflict resolution skills. They expected their manager to be educated, experienced, intelligent, punctual, well dressed and well mannered. He should be a good team player be able to work under pressure and have great leadership qualities. He should have good knowledge about the world in general and the world of business in particular. The right manager should not only be high on IQ but also on EQ, should know how to compliment and criticize as also be flexible while still being firm. She should be able to manage her time and meet targets of the company. She should be responsive while being responsible. Everyone agreed that the qualities that would be the most important would be that the candidate be honest and have high integrity. No one wanted a manager who would be unethical, dishonest, unorganized, rude, crude and foul mouthed. An intelligent but dishonest manager will clean you out before you have enplaned let alone gone around the world.
                                               Remember when you go for an interview the industry is also looking for all those qualities in you that you will look for if you had to appoint someone to run your business. Is it very tough to acquire all those traits of character and personality? No you are just a decision away from being the manager that everyone needs and desires to run businesses. Once you have taken that decision you have to hone the required skills and work on your self every day. Success is first an inside job. You have to work on your self and become absolutely irresistible and make success a habit. It is a life-long commitment. Everyday in every way you become better and better. Your journey in life is not about perfection but about progress. Being a good manager is the same thing as being a good human being only more efficient. Yet it is not about doing one thing a hundred percent better; it is about doing a hundred things one percent better regularly.
                                               Landing a good job is all about selling your wonderful qualities. You cannot sell them if you don’t have them. You cannot sell from an empty wagon. Preparing for an interview is not just about learning how to wear a tie and dress up well or learn how to answer a question. It is not even about learning the right posture and body language, it is about deciding to be absolutely honest and having uncompromising integrity. After that it is about acquiring the right skills and knowledge and willingness to work hard. Your time starts now. The price of success is non negotiable.

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