Group Behaviour :- This is the third parameter on which you are evaluated in a group discussion. unlike in a debate or elcoution in a GD, you are free to speak at all  times . Hence  how each participant interacts with the other members of the group becomes very important. Each in a real life situation in an organisation, all interaction is between superiours/ peers/ subordinates . It is imperative that every individual is able to interact with everybody else in a mature manner . In a GD , you  are tested for this as pect  of your personality. What you need to exhibit is a rational approach, an adult-to adult ineraction with the other group members. You should listen to and understand the views expressed by the other group members integrate them with you ideas, present a cogent picture of the group's view and help arrive at a consensus in the discussion. This means that actions such as shouting to gain attention and making snide remarks about others contributions will not help you at all. Thy will only mark you as rude , ill- mannered and intemperate, hardly the qualities expected by the selector.

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