Hi friends, in this article I would like to tell u about how to write an essay and what all must be done to make it elegant.

Writing is an art. Like all the other arts, it can be perfected by constant practice. The more you write, the better you can write.

First of all, you must have a clear idea of what you are going to write. You must understand the topic perfectly well. If you do not understand what is meant by superstition, for example, you should not attempt an essay on it. When you make sure that you clearly understood the topic given, you must pause and think. Write down everything that comes into your head relevant to the topic, in the form of hints. Then arrange them in a logical order and develop these points into an essay. You must write a rough copy and make corrections and alterations as you go through it and finally fair copy it.

But it is not always possible especially in the examination hall. So, better to practice at home and finally be prepared to write straight away from your hints.

Try to use direct simple language. Do not use big ambiguous words and phrases. If you are not sure of the meaning of a word, better not to use it. If, on the other hand, you are in love with a word or phrase, do not use it often.

English spelling is not phonetic. Even the educated spell sometimes a word wrongly. So when you are not sure of the spelling of a word, write what you think is right. Do not scribble something illegibly and try to deceive the examiner. It is very likely he knows the correct spelling and therefore thinks that you are trying to outwit him. Do not create such an impression.

It is the sign of a good essay if it contains one or two crisp quotations. But do not overdo them. It may create a wrong impression that you cannot write an essay on your own. Again it may be necessary to illustrate your point of view, sometimes. But again limit yourself to one or two illustrations. It is good if you can begin your essay with some quotations or a beautiful sentence of your own. At any rate do not try to define and give the meaning of the theme of the essay. For example, if you are writing an essay on ‘Air Travel’, do not try to explain what you mean by air travel. Often such an explanation spoils the beauty of your composition.

Clarity and readability should be your aim. Not that subject matter is unimportant. However nice your matter may be, if your presentation is not at all right, your purpose is defeated. So try to use simple, direct and effective constructions. You may have learned that two negatives make one positive. This mathematical axiom is no doubt true in your language too, but the two meanings are not synonymous. He is not a bad man and he is a good man do not communicate the same sense.

Like the beginning, the ending of your essay is also very important. While the beginning creates the impression, the ending fortifies it and the two together bring generous credits.

Your prose text usually represents a good selection of beautiful essays, all written by great writers yet each differing from the other. You may not like every one of them, but you will certainly like at least one or two. Read them as often as you can, understand what he really means and how well he shapes and reshapes. When you can clearly understand the invisible artist at work behind the visible word symbols, you will know why you are fond of his writings; surely that marks the birth of an original essayist in you.

And my best wishes be there with you all!

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