English need of sensational language

English is international language, many countries are uses.

English is one of the most important languages. It is king of the all languages.

One of the characteristic features of this age is the dominance and spread of English in almost all parts of the world. It is being used in all walks of life, education, administration, business, industry etc. in the world scientific published annually are written in English.

When the English came to India, they, of course, brought their language with them. It has been spoken in India more of less, for over a century and a half, because of its use in administration and education. English became an instrument of progress and a window to the world. The advancement of science and technology in the 21st century has further strengthened the language. Consequently, English has spread to countries like China, Japan, etc., where it was not used before.

Ti day there are about two users of English. One third of the world population has accepted English as their official language. Such a language has a greater role to play in the 21st century. Multinational companies are the new business leaders. A need for common code for communication is more acutely than ever before. English provides an easy solution to this problem. In fact, English has performed the role of link language on international platforms.

The internet has brought about a revolution in the world of technology. E-mail and e-commerce are set to change the nature of communication. The language of these powerful tools is English. In this circumstance, English will have a significant role in his transformation.


Standard English

English being is a world language of the country twenty first century. We need in for communication with the outside world. The basic issue has been whether it should be taught right from the first standard. The arguments are as follows.

Children don’t have a congenial atmosphere around them to learn English. At home, and in all walks of life, Urdu / Telugu are spoken. Theoretically a child can learn any language and any number of languages easily up to the age of fix provide that the language is spoken around the child. Children from the bordering areas of different stages happily speak three to four languages. If this is so, why teach English happily speak three to four languages. If this is so, why not teach English from the first standard?

Teachers can be trained, teaching materials can be produced. English is not going to be imposed on children throughout the day in school. It is just one of the subjects. Even if parents speak local language, the child can always pick up some English at school. Children can improve further since they have a lot of exposure to English in the form of cable TV. If our children learn English, in course of time they will enrich their mother –tongue more. The earlier they learn English the better they will learn it.

Introducing English right from the beginning of school is a revolutionary decision. It should be praised.


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