English language is the international language. It is regarded the most important language for communication. When you wanted to travel to different places in the world it is a must for us to know English language. Without knowing English language we cannot thrive there for a small period also. Each place will have its own specific regional language. It is not possible for us to learn each of those languages. Learning English will help us get all the basic needs easily. Apart from travel when it comes to employment and job opportunities also we need to have good command over English language because our communication skills are the first need for employment opportunities.

Simple ways to improve English proficiency

Following requirements are extremely necessary to learn English:

  • Dictionary,
  • Small pocket diaries.


  • Always have a dictionary in your hand and make it a daily practice to learn a new word. The dictionary will provide the meaning, the other relating words and also nouns, adjectives usage.
  • Learn the basics of English grammar like what is a noun, adjective, pronoun and all other important terms. This will help you in bringing good command over the grammar.
  • Just learning a new word is not necessary you need to form different sentences of various contexts and keep practicing them. Use those words in your daily speech regularly.
  • Feel free to talk in English with your friends and also at home. This will make communication easier and will also reduce stage fear. You can feel that confident increases when you speak regularly.
  • When you listen to anyone speaking a new work make a note of that word in your pocket diary so that you can use that word in your speech.
  • Daily watch English news channels and listen to people conversations and keenly listen to the new words. There will be interviews of people which will be telecast regularly. Listen to it with god interest.
  • When you get an opportunity to speak in front of a crowd or take some seminars do not hesitate. Take up the opportunity with confidence and prepare well. Make many practices before going to the stage so that you will come to know your negatives.
  • The level of our improvement will depend upon our level of hard work and practice. Fix some time for each activity and make it a regular activity so that you can find a great improvement.
  • Initially we might get some criticism from people around. But all this part of life. We must not take it to our heart. Do not bother about such people. Keep going.

Wish you all success!

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  1. M.Thamarai Selvi

Yes. Some of good free applications for English you may download in your mobile to enhance your English language.

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