Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is an American author who is a writer of the genre classified as Young Adult fiction. This genre of books appeals to a wide audience from young teens to older people. Colleen Hoover is a young American. She was born in December 1979 and is 39 years old. She published Slammed ”which is her debut novel, in 2012. Colleen’s novel is a refreshing love story and one can be thankful that it is not another paranormal or science fiction tale set in the future. Her novel is a clean love story that engrosses the reader.Not many writers can write clean fiction. Having written myself I am aware that a novelist has to vibe with the reader and this Colleen does in her novel.

The novel

Colleen writes with great acumen and flair. Her novel is a refreshing tale of a love that faces a danger, despite the protagonist loving each other passionately. Hoover is a New York Times bestselling author. Colleen  Hoover’s delineates an interesting love story. She packs emotion and love in a lovely package that is sure to appeal to all readers. It’s a story of first love and readers may be able to savor similar episodes in their lives. Personal experience has a meaning in writing and it can add to depth and range of a story.

The plot

The plot of the novel is simple. Layken is a nice 18-year-old girl. She comes face to face with adversity when her father dies and the girl becomes the only support for her mother and younger brother. Despite showing resilience outside, Layken is assailed by self-doubt. She wonders what she will do and how she will manage the situation.Hoover now introduces a young lad, 21-year-old Will Cooper. He is her neighbor and the two immediately get on together.

Will's passion is listening and reciting poetry and Layken is irresistibly attracted to him. They fall in love and have a date. It’s a great experience and as the two grow closer, they realize that there are many obstacles in their path to love. It becomes a painful affair, kept alive by the poetry which they both share.Hoover has written a lovely story. She has related the story from the point of view of Will and that makes it doubly interesting.

The novel is spread over 320 pages. Hoover has created a love story that is fairly ordinary but touching. It’s a story with which most young people will easily identify. The author has a simple endearing style and relates her tale in a relaxed manner. The novel is part of the new genre of adult-teen fiction and its protagonists are the younger writers. Colleen Hoover eminently fits into this genre of writers. Colleen’s second novel, “Point of View,” is also great to read.

About the writer

Colleen is happily married and has three children. She resides with her husband and family in Texas. She is the reigning Indie Book Queen at the moment. She also tops the self-publishing book charts. It is a matter of great encouragement to other writers that they can succeed like Ms. Hoover and don’t need a reputable publisher to publish their work. Her self-publishing is a beacon for all. Hoover has charted an excellent path in choppy waters. This is a great encoragement to a writer and  her success is very important.  In India there are so many budding writers and they could follow teh example of Ms Hoover.



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