English literature never had it so good as in the present age.

Larissa Lone is an American writer who has tapped the demand of the reading public for books with paranormal heroes and heroines. She is a nomad in a way; she is married to a Coast Guard official and moves along with him. This perhaps lends variety to her work. She also publishes books with Stephanie Tyler under the pen name of Sydney Croft.

A paranormal novel

Larissa’s book “Lethal Rider" is a book with paranormal characters. It is the third book in the Lords of Deliverance series. Lone creates a world that is imaginary and ephemeral. It is a book that has a simple story and the writer makes a pretence of being a crusader on any subject. The story is likely to appeal to readers who love the genre of books with the subject of paranormal love and deeds.

Story Plot

The Lords of Deliverance are four siblings who stand between the agents of Hell and the world. They are the ones who have the power to avert the coming doomsday planned by the exponents of hell.

“Lethal Rider” centers on the character Thanatos. He is the most powerful and lethal of the horsemen. Thanatos is a man with a mission. He is ageless, having lived for thousands of years. His one aim has always been to save the earth from the agents of hell. Thanatos has another vow which he has kept all these centuries. He is celibate and no woman has been touched by him.

All resolves are shattered as Larissa Lone creates an erotic seduction of Thanatos by the beautiful and sexy Aegis Guardian, Regan Cooper. She is also wicked and Thanatos succumbs to desire. He breaks his thousand-year-old oath to celibacy. Larissa Lone creates passion in the pages and that acts as an impetus for the reader. Thanatos is unaware as to the reason for his seduction. He learns that one sexual fling has resulted in Regan Cooper conceiving a child by him. He realizes that he has planted his seed in the woman at that time and now he will become a father.


There is a rage in the makeup of Thanatos, but a tremendous desire for the mother of his child as well. Larissa Lone deserves credit for creating some of the most riveting chapters of steamy love. Thanatos is now faced with a dilemma. He must save the world and he has to make a choice whether he is to sacrifice his love and his child to save the world. Larissa Lone has a fertile imagination and she uses it to good effect in creating a tale of supernatural love and the danger from the minions from Hell. She deserves credit for creating a story that is thrilling and engrossing. Book lovers will love it.


 It’s a book that is sure to engross readers. Larissa Lone is a gifted writer who started writing at the age of 13. She has led a chequered life, having served in the Air Force as a meteorologist. Later, she also tried her hand as a dog trainer. She is happily married and has one son who is 13 years old. She resides in Wisconsin at present. I had the pleasure of meeting Larissa at a book launch in New York last year where my novel "Romance of the Frontier" was also showcased. It was a memorable meeting and she presented me with a copy of her novel.

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