On many a occasions it has been noted that people do not bother to read the letter they receive leave only replying it.  At the best people just glance through few words of the letter and skip on to the next letter.  Certain reasons why recipients do not read the letter are given blew:-

Poor grammar:-There are some persons who are uneducated and do not know the basics of writing a letter and they mess up the entire letter as .  the basics of the letter like grammar, spelling and everything is wrong.  In some cases the person would have been educated but would have been reasonably educated but would have studied in a non-English medium school.   The net result is that the recipient is helpless and does not read the letter as the recipient is helpless and needs to spend a whole lot of time trying to understand each word of it.

Usage of too many words, strong words and  complicated words:- In exactly the opposite case of a uneducated person, a  person who is very well educated tends to use complicated which average recipients cannot understand and they have to ask the meaning of the words from another person or search it from a dictionary. Educated people have a tendency to drag the letter by using too many words and strong words.  The basic intention of the sender is to communicate his intelligence instead of addressing the issue.

Usage of spicy words:- Some people have a tendency to use spicy words.  While the letter gets longer because of these additional words, sometimes the main contents of the letter instead of getting highlighted actually gets lost.

Usage of sarcastic words:- Many people who have want to put a grievance and also expect a reply to their grievance tend to go overboard in expressing their grievance by use of too many words of condemnation or extreme sarcasm.  No recipient would like to them being condemned especially through strong words and more so if the  words are sarcastic. Far from replying to the sender, the recipient does not bother to read the letter.

Suggestions to ensure that recipient reads letters and replies to the sender:-

Split a big paragraph to many smaller paragraphs:- The tendency to write everything in one paragraph or in bigger paragraphs should be avoided because a recipient is bound to get bored or irritated and as a result loses his patience and stops reading the letter.  It is suggested that a big paragraph be broken to many smaller paragraphs.  One the recipient goes through the first paragraph the he is likely to read the entire letter and reply to that.

Try to keep the letter as short as possible. Every effort should be made to condense the letter as much as possible. Sometimes it may not be practically possible to keep a letter short and in that case it is suggested to break the letter into many points.  No recipient would like to read a three page letter, but if the contents of those  three pages are broken into 20 points, then thee is possibility that the recipient reads the entire letter as it is easy to read and memorize points.



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