Here comes the review of the album.

The moment you listen to the upbeat hip-hop track, Manjave (feat. Mumzy), you know it’s Rishi Rich’s music. Sophie’s vocals flow so smoothly through out the song. Listen to this track and I promise ya’ll gonna bounce to this groovy track. 4.5/5

You get to hear a bit of electro in Pump it Up. The song sounds very Indian when it starts but it’s not. It’s got English as well as Hindi lyrics and it is neither fast-paced nor slow-paced. 4/5

Soni Soni once again is a typical Rishi Rich track as far as music is concerned. But what makes this track different from other Rishi Rich tracks is Sophie’s vocals and style of singing. It’s different also because Rishi Rich has just arranged the music; Sandeep Surya is the composer. This track has a bit of hip-hop as well as bollywood. 4/5

Mohabbat is a rock ballad, composed by Gourav Dasgupta. The song has NO English lyrics but Sophie’s style of singing gives it a western feel. The best song of the album. 4.5/5

Up next in the album is an electro-dance number, If I Can’t Have you, composed by Sophie’s mentor – Biddu. 3.5/5

Daddy Cool (Mundiyan Toh Bachke Rehna) is a 2:28 min short hip-hop/Rap song by Rishi Rish featuring Sophie, Veronica and Mumzy. An average number! 3/5

Tu Nahin is a fast-paced Arabic sounding track, recreated by Biddu and originally composed by Mohamad Rifai. This track is for a specific audience. Not everyone would like it. 3/5

DJ Suketu’s remix version of Mohabbat has electro feel to it. This remixed version has increased pace and more beats than the original. DJ Suketu has given a completely different feel to this song, which originally was a rock song. Amazing remix! 4.5/5
Manjave (feat. Mumzy) Radio Edit is just a shortened version of the original track. 4.5/5

Overall, SOS has something for everyone – Hip-Hop/Rap, Arabic, Electro, Dance, Rock, Bollywood.

My personal favourite from the album is Mohabbat.

The best ones out of the lot are Mohabbat, Mohabbat (DJ Sukete Remix), Pump it Up, Manjave and Soni Soni.

Rating for the album – 4/5

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