Many people enjoy listening to music when they are meditating, practicing yoga, or just trying to relax. Music can be a method of carrying our thought away from stress and worry and focusing on something internal. There are many websites that offer free relaxation music available in mp3 form which can be played on an mp3 player or on your computer. Or if you'd prefer, there are websites that let you sample the music before having to purchase an entire CD. Here is a detailed list of websites that offer free relaxation music downloads:

1. New Age at its best, this site offers 101 free downloads and boasts that these soothing tunes are great for mediation, hypnosis, and yoga.

2. Sri Chinmoy is a Spiritual instructor, yoga master, and talented composer. His music truly carries listeners to a place deep within. Chinmoy is a teacher to students in over 60 countries. He has made abundant contributions in music, literature, art, and sports. He traveled the world offering free spiritual guidance in the form of meditations and lectures. He sought to combine the teachings of the East with the spiritual yearnings of the contemporary West.

3. Offers four downloads: Relaxation at Work, Deep Sleep, Reiki 1, and 4 Poles Meditation East. All four are distinctive, some with quick beats, come with melodies the leave the listener feeling weightless in space.

4. This music is a beautiful combination of piano and strings. The website advertises that the music is perfect for meditation. Soothing as it is, it strikes more to the heart, like wedding music.

5. This contains two samples of Yatri's music. The CD contains a collection of musical pieces performed on glass harmonica. A generous discount is offered to yoga instructors and store owners if such wish to purchase the album in its entirety.

6. The Morning is a beautiful piece that is used for some HypnoBirthing (a copyrighted education course for expectant mothers). HypnoBirthing is a series of child birth classes that teach self-hypnosis in order to make the birthing process safer and more comfortable for the new mother.

7. This website lets you choose between a variety of different sounds to sleep by, including fire crackling, birds singing, drums beating, and an ocean splashing. 8. Listen to different music by New Age artists, including Noel Quinlan, Satori, Jeff Greenleaf,and Origen. The world-wide-web is an abundant source of free relaxation music. There are many different types of music for meditating, yoga, sleeping, and Reiki. The key is finding which sounds are soothing for you. Each listener is different. Some listeners may prefer to sleep or meditate to drum beats; others may be distracted and annoyed by them. Do some exploring on the Internet and see which kind of music truly relaxes you. You may also wish to attend some inexpensive or free group meditations in your city. These types of gatherings usually offer a variety of relaxation resources.

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