Players the latest hindi remake of English movie The Italian Job has tunes composed by Pritam Chakraborthy. Expectations soaring high on the album since the combo of the Race movie makers Abbas-Mastan duo with Pritam is back. So lets see is the album meets expectations of audience .

cast:Abhishek Bachchan | Bobby Deol | Sonam Kapoor | Bipasha Basu | Neil Nitin Mukesh | Sonam Kapoor

Music Director:Pritam

Jis jagah pe khatam Singers: Neeraj Shridhar , Siddharth Basrur , Mauli Dave

The album starts with a chartbuster that is being played a lot on promos of the movie. It has the rightful mix of thriller feel . Neeraj Shridhar proves to be the right choice likewise in Hare krishna Hare Ram from Bhool Bhulaiyya. Mauli Dave the contestant from Saregama surely got herself a peppy song which is sure to raise her profile. The song is an instant hit.

Our verdict : Thumbs Up

Jhoom jhoom ta ja Singer: Ritu Pathak

The song has a lot of scope but is dogged by inconsistency in some places. Though it turns out to be OK in the end, the song is never going to be a chartbuster. It is more of a Sunidhi Chauhan type song. Though the song doesn't disappoint, it does not live upto expectations. More can be expected from Pritam.

Our verdict : Neutral

Ho gayi tun Singers:Yashita Yashpal , Bob

A collosal disappointment with thrown in instruments of different uncoordinated sounds.

Our verdict : Spam

Dil ye bekarar kyun hai - reprise Nikhil D'Souza , Priyani Vani

A relief song with feel of a romance the forte of Pritam Da. It brings the memories of I am in love from Once upon a time in Mumbai. This feel good song with its sugar syrupy tone saves the album from disaster of previous song. Kudos to Nikhil for uplifting the song with his vocals. He is another K.K. in making

Our verdict : Thumbs Up

Jhoom jhoom ta hun main - film version Arijit Singh

The song has rightful mix of right singer with right notes. The same version by Ritu Pathak had disappointed whereas Arjit singh shows why he deserves the song. He makes this his own song and brings his own voice with right feel and soul which were lacking in early version and we start loving this song already.Arjit sounds like Atif Aslam and now we know Pritam is making his own versions of Atif and K.K. Good that this is the filmi version as it will certainly do more good than the other version.

Our verdict : Double Thumbs Up

Jis jagah pe khatam - remix Neeraj Shridhar , Siddharth Basrur , Mauli Dave , Kiran Kamath This is a disappointing remix. Pointless in having it as if it has become mandatory to include a remix in a filmi album for promos sake

Our verdict : Thumbs Down

Dil ye bekarar kyun hai - remix Mohit Chauhan , Shreya Ghoshal , Hyacinth Dsouza

The remix is helped by Mohit's vocals which never cease to amuse us. If its not for Mohit this remix would have been another trash.

Our verdict : Thumbs Up

Buddhi do bhagwaan - charlie's song Abhishek Bachchan

Last time Abhi and Pritam joined for Thayn Thayn in Dum Maaro Dum. This song though not as good a chartbuster as earlier outing , it is going to be just another song sung by Abhi. It is difficult to say now whether this will be a hit. It is not bad either. The song seems more apt for a desi version of Charlie's Angels. Wonder if Abhi is playing Charlie and the heroines Sonam and Bips turn out to be Charlie's Angels.

Our verdict : Thumbs Up

Dil ye bekarar kyun hai Mohit Chauhan , Shreya Ghoshal

Pritam Album is always incomplete without Mohit's vocals. This song sure completes the dish of Players. The song is romantic sounding more like Te Amo. This is going to be a chartbuster surely and Mohit rightfully delivers the song with his soulful singing. Kudos to him .

Our verdict : Thumbs Up

Jhoom jhoom ta hun main Siddharth Basrur

We start wondering why there are so many versions of a song for Pritam. May be next time he can start a competition of giving the same song to 11 singers and vote them out in each round and the winner gets the song in film version . By now the song seems only to accentuate that Arjit is a better singer. We are more convinced already that his is a better version.

Our verdict : Spam

Coming to the final verdict we have 3 chartbusters after all these songs. The winners are Jis jagah pe khatam , Dil ye bekarar kyun hai, Jhoom jhoom ta hun main - film version Our verdict : Thumbs Up Rating : 3.5 out of 5 stars

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