The rhythm of life takes an upbeat when a person takes privilige in listening every sound as a sweet healer to his ears. The singing birds in the morning lead us to a beautiful soothing morning hoping for a nice day thereafter and a lovely day ahead.


Its not always that every kind of music gives you peace and happiness. This basically depends on mood and the situation that currently beholds. Like say in the party everyone is in the mood of enjoyment, so a rocking dancing number is the demand of every heart to shake a leg on it . On the other hand when one desires to relax and stay calm he/she prefers romantic or slow and sweet songs to rejuvenate ones senses.


Nowadays youths have taken much to listening music ,making sure that they don't walk out of their home without handsfree The handsfree or say headphones are now added as a special and important accessory in their kit. The public vehicles now see people with their ipods or mobile phones singing loud for them.Though it could be considered as a pass-time for few but some are the real admirers of music that help them relax and give them pleasure. 


Music has always been a treat to everyone. It makes one afresh and rekindles the inner joy and purity. Whether its bhajans and daily chores in the holy places, the hip-hop songs to dance for in the parties,even the moving steps of a person has that sound which could either irritate you or make you happy.It all depends on how your mood is and how you take the sounds as irritating or misleading noises or as delectable food to your ears.


Give a chance to everykind of music to be your life's part. Some will give you a reason to dance to your happiness, some will give you a reason to murmur it to your beloved, some will give you a reason to cry for your friends and so on. "MUSIC IS LIFE"

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