Rock music...Some call it 'cacophonic drivel', some say it started off wanton behavior among the youth....But for me it's a source of wisdom, a source of solace in times of pain. I started listening to Rock music in the 90s, & I've been hooked ever since!!Rock lyrics are almost always what you make of them. To cite just one instance in favor of that argument, REM's 'The one I love', was the most frequently played song in most American weddings in the late 80s & early 90s. Now according to frontman, Michael Stipe, it was a 'break up song'!! The reason I'm writing this article, is to highlight how Rock music contains some really important life & relationship advice ( based on my interpretations)...

"There are many things that I would like to say to you,

But I don't know how...I said, maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me.."-Oasis

(from the song 'Wonderwall', which appeared on the sophomore album 'Morning Glory')

These lines express, quite aptly, the fragility & lability of a young lover. Young lovers will definitely relate to the fact that they have very hard time wording their feelings, to the object of their affection. It's perfectly normal to feel so, that doesn't mean you're a coward, or less of a human being. Love would lose, much of it's beauty if the vulnerability factor was taken out of the experience. The lines also highlight, how lovers cling to each other, to save themselves from listless existence.

"Every new beginning, comes from some other beginning's end.."-Semisonic

(from the song 'Closing time', taken from the album 'Feeling strangely fine')

The closing lines, of this hugely popular song, asks us to be bold enough to start again. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly. It takes a lot of courage, to begin anew, but it's definitely worth it. Most people have a hard time ending things- whether it's relationships, jobs, associations, & these lines reiterate the fact that to begin afresh, we'll have to end things.

"You won't know how well you've played, until you'e won.."-Embrace

(from the song 'The Good Will Out', taken from the debut album of the band, named 'The Good Will Out')

The Mc Namara brothers' debut album, was their magnum opus. These song lines ask us to have complete faith in ourselves. Keep your hopes up & give it all you've got. Roger Bannister ran the 4 minute mile, when it was deemed impossible. Christopher Columbus sailed to find new lands, when he was warned not to do so...

"Everyone I know has got a reason to say, push the past away..."-Third Eye Blind

(from the song 'Jumper', which appeared on the debut album 'Third Eye Blind')

These lines highlight the fact that no matter how beautiful or painful the past is, it's always better to push it all a way. The Chinese sage Lao Tsu said:"If you're depressed, it's because you're dwelling in the past. If you're anxious. it's because you're worried about the future. Keep your mind always in the present & stay happy."These lines are one of my favorite ever, & I hope you can see why...

"This world is gonna pull through, don't give up

You've gotta reason to live, can't forget

We only get what we give..."-New Radicals

(from the song 'You get what you give', taken from the album 'Maybe you've been brainwashed too')

New Radicals maybe hailed as just another 'one hit wonder', but these lines are teeming with wisdom. It asks us not to lose faith in the world we live in, & more importantly to remember that Karma is watching every single act of ours...

"You've gotta roll with it, you've gotta take your time

You've gotta say what you say, don't let anybody get in your way..."-Oasis

( from the song 'Roll with it', taken off the album 'Morning glory')

Another set of really wise lyrics, by the Mancunian band, giving advise about how to face life. You have to go with the flow, speak your mind, & stop people from getting in your way. The lyrics show how to handle life with the smooth handle. All the success advice mustered by reading three self-help books, is summarised well in these lines...

This article is based on my interpretation of the aforementioned lines only. The whole song may not express the ideas expressed above....

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