Punk fashion is using a medium to make a statement. It includes clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, jewelry, tattoos and other body modifications. As punk fashion has been influenced by various subcultures and art movements like glam rock, rude boys etc, so have the styles of these cultures been influenced by punk fashion. With the growth of punk fashion, it has become extremely commercialized and has been used in the production of various styles by famous designers.
During the initial stages of the growth of punk fashion, punk clothing was handmade and was mass produced and sold out.
The original punk fashion of the 1970s acted as symbols of extremely rebellious and controversial styles. The style was different from the basic punk look that came much later. The styles of punk fashion kept changing and new styles appeared in the market. The shirts were printed with deliberate offensive symbols like an inverted crucifix and a Nazi Swastika. These kinds of T-shirts often invited controversies and were torn by people on purpose. Leather jackets and customized blazers are common styles that are still a common fixture in punk fashion.
Punk styles can be in different forms like clothing, T-shirts with anarchy symbols, brightly colored or white and black dress shirts randomnly covered in slogans, fake blood, patches and controversial images like portraits of Marx, Stalin etc., customized blazers, light leather pants, tapered jeans, pants with leopard patterns, bondage trousers
footwear, military boots, motorcycle boots, brothel creepers, chuck Taylor All-Stars.Hair is cropped and deliberately made to look messy, dyed bright unnatural colors, liberty spikes, mohawk hairstyle etc. Other accessaries include spike bands, studded or spiked jewelry, safety pins in clothes (unnecessary) and as body piercings, silver bracelets, heavy eyeliner worn by both men and women, female punks tend to mix feminine cloths with masculine, razor blades and chains etc.
Punk ideology
There are a variety of social and political beliefs of the punk subculture. Punk culture has originally been associated and linked with individual freedom, which draws attention of the punks to other aspects like individualism, anarchism, and freedom of thought. Views of punks have always been critical of the world. They see modern societies as the ones that place extensive limits on humanity. The medium that they use to express their ideologies include punk music, punk zines, literature etc.
The punk culture has originated as a movement of shock, rebellion, and discontent. It has also evolved as an overt political movement. The political ideology that has been quite largely associated with punk is anarchism (political theory that favors the abolition of government). Punk has also been associated with other leftist ideologies like social liberalism, socialism and communism. Right wing ideologies like social conservatism and neo-Nazism have also acquired a place within the punk culture.
Philosophical ideologies include atheism, agnosticism and humanism along with religious ones like Christianity, Islam, Hare Krishna movement etc.
Punks execute their ideas often through protests, boycotts, violence etc.

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