Hi friends in this article let us discuss about the basic information about Rock Music

Rock Music,is nothing but a group of related music styles and this is a popular muisic which dominated the Western countries right from  1955.Actually when we consider the history of the Rock music in began in the United States.


Eventhough it was started in the USA, it was shaped by a broad field of cultures and musical traditions, which includes

i)Gospel music

ii)The blues

iii)Country-and-western music

iv) classical music

v)Folk music

vi)Electronic music and

vii)The popular music of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Apart from this use as a broad designation,in general the term rock music usually refers to music styles that were followed after 1959, which was mostly infuenced and used by thewhite musicians.

Some othet important rock-music styles, apart from th elist mentioned above includes

i)Rock and roll - which is popularly called as rock 'n' roll)

ii)The first genre of the music and

ii)Rhythm-and-blues music, which is usually called as R&B

As a matter of fact this music is mosltly influenced  by the black American musicians .

Each of the major genres mentioned above, encompasses a different types of substyles,like

#)Heavy metal


#)Alternative and


The people who are greatly influenced by this music mostly belon to

#)New York City

#)Kingston, Jamaica and

#)Liverpool, England

But at present apart from these areas Rock music is also spreads worldwide.

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