K there has been lots of music review this season, almost for every movie.. but this is my 1st review, hope you guys like it, as i dont have a free hand in ratings tough..

The music reviewed is of KURBAAN.. a much anticipated movie of the season, due to Saifeena! Its directed by Rensil D Silva, produced by Karan Johar.. featuring Saif, Kareena and Vivek Oberoi..

The movie is based on terrorism.. and hence I think it has 5 songs only..

the music director of the movie is Salim Sulaiman.. so lets start the review!

1) Shukran Allah - Sonu Nigam, Shreya Goshal and Salim Merchant

Its a slow song.. melodious.. hummable.. smoothing.. a typical Karan Johar movie song like Kal ho na ho, Kabhi alvida na Kehna tracks.. After a long time Sonu Nigam is back with his forte.. Its a very nice song.. would be a hit very soon..

Rating - 4/5

2) Dua - Sukhwinder Singh,Kailash Kher & Marianne DCruz Aiman

Salim Sulaiman has their style of music and this song marks their style.. its up beat.. and its sung by Sukhwinder and Kailash Kher.. Its beats take turns from being western to Indian desi dholak.. but it lacks in lyrics and melody.. Its just seems like a occasional/situational song..

Rating - 2.5 / 5

3) Ali Maula - Salim Merchant

When you listen to Kurbaan songs, you will find its highly Urdu genre.. The lyrics of this songs is completely Urdu, and its very very slow song.. very smoothing at the same time.. Its a prayer song.. It has a deep meaning and impact when you listen to it.. Its a very spiritual and impacting song.. Ruo ko chu lene wala.. It can be heard everyday when u get up or when you go to sleep.. or when u are down, and wanna pray.. its superb..

Rating 3.5 / 5

4) Rasiya - Shruti Pathak

Wondering who is Shruti Patak.. you will wonder more after you hear her sing this classical melody.. its a classical song, slow, with dialogues of Kareena, very very sensuous.. sexy song.. beats are unusual but are very nice.. Its a low octave song, classical, sensuous, It will be a hit more bcoz of its video I guess..

Rating - 2 / 5

5) Kurbaan Hua - Vishal Dadlani

Yes.. here it is.. the best song of the album.. 1 of the best song of this season.. its stupendous.. Slow Rock.. with flanger in between.. very nicely sung by Vishal.. its NEW AGE music.. I think this is the theme of the movie, and will be played in between scenes too, in background too.. its the main song.. and its the best undoubtedly.. dont miss it.. bcoz mein to KURBAAN HUAAAA is song pe.. KURBAAN HUAAAA.. and you will also be singing this line rest of the season... KURBAAN HUAAAAA..

Rating - 4.5 / 5

6) Ali Maula remix

Now, where Ali Maula is a slow prayer song.. this remix version is a Discotheque genre, RNB i suppose.. its more of music then the song actually.. it has completely changed the environment of the song.. nice work by DJ.. but dont think you can listen to it more than 5 times.. you will be bored for sure.. Unless you Love RNB.. then it can a superhit for you..

rating - 2 / 5

K thats it
those were the 6 songs..
the music actually releases tomorrow, on 13th.. please buy Original Cds..
or you know where to go..


Thank you .. Cya.. take care

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