This is for all singles out there in our Indian Society looking for their soul mates, believing for Cupid to strike. I'm sure the single working lady and gentleman would agree that the search out is nothing near to easy and thanks to our conservative society the pressure builds on as well once you reach a certain age. Before you know it in your normal routine along with official work pressure to deal with, there are new envelopes coming in the mail with photographs of people you don’t know, or there are calls coming to your parents telling about a suitable match. People living in the romantic bubble pray for romantic partners. The ones that are ambitious dream for the ultimate apprentice. The ones who keep their family first pray for someone with conservative values, the one who chill out pray for a cool soul mate...there are so many demands. O dear, Cupid has a lot of work to do. How could he work when the girls and boys weren’t allowed to meet freely and when their parents would make all the decisions for them. Cupid has his own set of problems multiplied as the industry boom even touches the matrimonial sector. Earlier people did not have matrimonial agencies and demands were way simple where girls were expected to manage a house and guys were meant to provide for the house. Now girls are expected to work and assist the husband financially and the guys are expected to have fat packages with additional perks to the CTC. The working singles when eligible to marry is sought more like a product than a person. There are even specifications attached like any other product or service. Like my daughter is 26 years, Fair, Slim, MBA with 3 years of experience or she is 27 years,  Doctor, fair and average looks. My son is 28 years; he’s fair and is working with an MNC with CTC of 8lakhs.he specifications attached to one’s profile is advertised then by many sources that pitch in their very best to advertise the person. Not to mention that the sources are just like for any other service or product. Except that you are covered by the topic called matrimony. You’ll be given options of press advertising. Before you know it your profile would be appearing in the matrimonial in the paper. Or virtual advertising which means your profile will be put up on some matrimonial site like shaadi .com or Did you know that there is a 25 % increase in subscrptions on these sites each year...they're really a popular platform now.You also would have the experience direct mails that is when your mom and dad will take you to the studio and get your pictures clicked and the send it with a covering note to all relatives with good social circles to aid the search. And last but not least, the most powerful form of advertising which is Word of mouth. This is the most annoying but what elders consider the effective way to double your chances to find you a suitable match. Just blow the whistle in any kitty party where a group of aunties would come to know about to matrimonial search and see the word spread like fire. Before you know it you’ll be informed from every corner about a boy working for some MNC earning well good for the girl you told about. Or about the girl who has done her masters in HR and is earning well and knows how to cook for the boy you told them about. Even Cupid made use of the so many platforms available so that the girls and boys could now talk on meet. He does face the difficulty to strike the arrow sometimes when the girls and boys talk their nosy relatives come in between or the parents set in a deadline to talk and comeback home. He also has to battle the confusion the digital advertising that the matrimony sites create in the minds of the prospects because of which their decisions get delayed. He also understands that in his line of work a few more people get benefited like the marriage agencies and matrimonial sites who lay heavy subscriptions...but he has a mission to strike and can't complaint. But Cupid isn't worried about the Indian Society, he is thankful for the values embedded in the minds of the youngsters. If he can't strike before, he always has a chance to strike the arrow once a boy and girl are married (that is what they are taught). He is just thankful that our Indian Society still believes in him, unlike the western and modern world where the generation is least bothered about him and likes to experiment with different things that have a messy end .In certain ways I am thankful to the society we live in. Even though we bicker about not having freedom to meet the opposite sex but at least our traditions save us from a lot of evident harm the open society has to offer. A lot of emotional pain and damage comes with the experimenting and hit and trial method. But hey, they say once you get married, you have to be up for the changes that are in store. Being married isn't for everyone there are a lot of responsibilities to take care of, family to manage and so many other strings get attached. So if you wish being free and ambitious and want to live a carefree life, marriage is not a good suggestion because being married isn't easy. They say that being married is not easy...well who said being single is?            

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