John Logie would have been a very satisfied man today, knowing that his creation- the Television, brought about a new revolution to our daily life and entertainment got a whole new meaning. Shows ranging from the chirpy types to the more obnoxious ones penetrated the daily dose of programmes. Gone are the days when epics such as the Mahabharata, Ramayana used to be savoured by the Indian audiences. Gone are the times when there used to be a pin drop silence and an atmosphere of fervour and devotion. Still, change is inevitable and so has the industry evolved according to the ever-changing viewers taste. 



But the million dollar question remains as to who gave this idea of the so called, John would have felt sorry had he been here, Television Rating Points or trps as common  in the media world. One must have seen a very peculiar hindi statement ( especially the ladies most of whom are shopaholics ) while out for shopping - " in this era era of fashion, please do not expect guarantee for anything ". I  put forward a different version for this, considering what i have observed lately - " in this era of cut throat competition and rivalry, please do not expect the quality and standards " as the sole policy of the channels. Viewers expecting decent tv programmes have their attempts in vain, since the desired channels now show every damn thing except for the ones they are supposed to. 


Its sad but even the so-called news channels have gone to the extreme,  blowing apart every ray of hope  for the poor viewer. From the few claiming to be "Sabse Tez"  to the "Desh Badalna Hai To Channel Badlo" , only God knows when this torture will end. One can  expect news for a tragedy or a mishap occurring at any remote corner of our country, even before it actually happened, just to be found by the respective channels that the timing might have gone all wrong. News channels, thought to be socially responsible and an eye opener for the public on several issues have gone bizarre , even dedicating few hours for the tantriks, black magic and what not. 


A sincere thanks to channels such as Colors and Imagine tv who can only be castigated for the type of shows being shown. Way before all this, Ekta Kapoor through her daily k soaps used to play havoc for the major part of the population, since women power had the supreme control of the remote at those times and no one dared to interfere with them or else had to pay hefty price for their misdeeds.


Coming to Ms Rakhi Sawant who herself is obscure, how can she be given a right to decide for the morality of an individuals personal issues and life?  Rakhiji deserves a mental asylum more than anything else  but she solely cannot be blamed for displaying her true self since its the trps who have been given more weightage than anything. Second show creating a buzz among the society is Big boss, which has idiots from every corner one can find. The vulgar, immoral and hideous display of entertainment is a shame for us all to have gone so low in the name of entertainment. Rakhi Sawant and Dolly Bindra, the main centre of vulgarity, should rinse their mouth with antiseptic with the way they have behaved on national television, no wonder that this behaviour has been their true self.


My sympathies and condolensces for the audiences to have been exposed to such radioactive and lethal shows providing all the adult content one might need in case he or she is short of vocabulary. Shows will come and go but in this competitve  business, its only upto us to either ostracize such shows or welcome any form of entertainment.

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