A man is watching a house. Why is he hit on the head?

And then is he locked up in a room?

 Where am I?

I do not know. I am lying in a bed in an old house. There is a window. The sun is shining. I cannot see anything except some trees.

 Who am I?

I cannot remember. I cannot remember anything. My head hurts a lot. I am very tired. I am going too sleep.

 It is morning. The sun is shining. There is food and tea on the table. My head feels better and I am not so tired now.

 A man in drank cloths comes in.

Man- who are you?

Me- I do not know.

Man- who are you working for?

Me- I do not know.

 He shakes me roughly. I feel a bump on the back of my head… now I can remember something. Slowly my memory is coming back to me. I am in a filed. I have got binoculars. I am watching a house. A man comes up behind me. He has a gun. He raises the gun over my head.


I can hear voices outside the room.

Woman- is he going to talk?

Man: Maybe. He cannot remember anything.

Woman- we’ll wait till evening. Then we have to do away with him.


 The key is in the lock but is on the other side. I take out my pen and gently push the key. It falls on the mat outside. Carefully, I pull the mat to my side of the door. I quietly open the door and leave the room. I enter a big hall. It is full of beautiful statues. They are from our temples.

 I spot a telephone. I quickly pick it up and dial 100.

Police: police. What is the matter?

Me- (the number is on the telephone) I am speaking from 2802131. I am a prisoner here. I cannot get out. The house is full of stolen statues. Come quickly!

 I can hear the sirens of the police cars. The woman opens the door.

Woman: what can I do for you, inspector?

Inspector: we are looking for stolen statues.

Woman: but there are no statues in this house.

Me: (from behind the woman) the statues are in the hall. Please come in.

 Twelve minutes later the man and woman are in the police van.

 Inspector: well, Mohan, you have done a good job.

Me: is Mohan my name? What do I do?

Inspector: you are a private detective.

Me: what! A detective! A detective should get bumps on his head.

Inspector: you are lucky! They did not kill you.











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