Recently I undertook an activity of collecting smiles - I asked my friends & colleagues to share their smiles with me. Anything that made them smile - ranging from as small as a kiss on forehead from a beloved one to as big as getting married. As I collected various smiles, the conclusion was ever astonishing & ever smiling.

Smiling has various perspective. Some enjoy little things as rains, friends & party, while others enjoy big life events as marriage, becoming a father, watching first steps of child. But as I collected all these smiles, I realised that smile has no reasons, no boundations. It is free from the clutches of caste, creed, geographies, money, wealth & success. People can find happiness in anything they wish to. Happiness is within, and no external factor can control it :-)

I started out on a journey of collecting smiles of others. But on the way, I realised that I am collecting my own smiles. Be it childhood memories, or the affairs, first income, success, marriage, rains, festivals, friends, hobbies, etc - everything has some smiles hidden in it - it is upto us to extract & understand their meaning. If one wishes to be happy, he can find reasons to smile anywhere - from morning to night, from office to home, work to leisure, mind to heart, friends to relatives, downs to success, anything.

Life is a journey. And everyone seeks happiness. Cooing of a cuckoo, to barking of a dog - everything has some smiles hidden in it. Every setback teaches us something, like every success teaches us a way. Every sorrow has some hidden reasons, like every smile has some causes. But if your heart wishes to smile, it will find reasons. Smile needs no reason.

Smile is contagious. It sets the surroundings happy. For a smiling face, all you need is a happy soul. A happy & content soul has the power to smile & laugh at life's funniest twist & turns - be it emotional, professional, social or generic. If one looks around & start counting his/her smiles, he is sure to end up concluding that there are no reasons to smile. It just happens - You need not find reasons to smile, all it takes is just a happy soul :-) So the next time you feel depressed or lonely, try finding out the reasons to smile - and you may end up smiling without a reason - because you have found out "How to Smile" :-)

Happy Smiling :-)

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