Benefit of power cut

People always found power cuts irritating and annoying without giving this matter a proper consideration with a positive point of view. You see if we are missing a little bit of power due to multiple cuts every day, look at the other side we are gaining so much at the same time. Let us have a look at the benefits-

No toxins while you perspire

Perspiration is the best way to a healthy body because it takes out most toxins and extra salts from our system. Now we so used to live in air-conditioned atmosphere that we did not perspire properly. With so many power cuts on such a regular interval give you many opportunities to perspire you enough and take all your toxins out the natural way. Your skin gets natural nutrition and body temperature maintained. What else do we need from the government without paying any thing for being so considerate? 

No cartoons

Remember the days while there were no power cuts. There are tons of TV programs the whole day but you never see the programs of your choice? The cartoon net works are so popular among the children that this is simply impossible to stop them from watching them. Now be thankful to Power Corporation of your area for imposing so many power cuts that children are finding out door games more interesting. This is double bonanza for you a healthy child and no cartons. Some children even have developed interest in the stories, which the grandparents always wanted to tell them Family members are getting more time sitting together in the air of single inverter run fan. What a relief!

In the lap of Mother Nature

The life styles have changed up to great extent now the cut schedule of five to seven has done the trick for people like me who would not imagine a morning walk in the daily routine have started to get up at 4.30AM to reach to the park and sit in the park taking the best advantage of morning breeze. What a pleasure watching Mr. Sharma, Mr.Verma, Ms.Sandhya, and Ms.Rani going for Yoga asana is a unique view in itself. In addition, the group doing laughter therapy was some thing out of the world altogether. This is wonderful to imagine a group of twenty plus people laughing at the top of their throat volume, simply heavenly! Wow a wonderful sound in the peaceful morning time, thanks to power cuts and thanks to our national planners. They had every thing in their minds well in advance.


Development of business and employment

The inverters and generators added in the basic needs of a household thus providing a big boost to the captive power industry. A generator or inverter was a rare commodity merely a decade back but a person without an inverter would be considered a member of BPL class therefore an inverter is as good a household item as a gas stove. Moreover, the battery industry has grown more than any other industry as the battery is good for one to 3 years at the most. Therefore, you can see that this industry has given a big boost to employment at local level. Generators are not as popular due to some technical problems but we are moving to that sector fast enough. Thank you Power Corporation, keep cutting and contribute to our progress intact.  

Profit and loss at this particular point

While the power corporations are making the job of police easy by multiple power cuts as the people walk on the roads due to non-availability of power therefore help keeping the burglars away but when the power is available some times and people go to much needed sleep the thieves also take the full advantage. However, the score is almost equal at this point so not much to complaint. Power corporations are not fully responsible, as they have to distribute whatever they manage to generate. The Power Corporations may consider a popular demand from either side in future perhaps.

You are more social now

I am glad to see ladies of the society back to business now. They were so damned busy watching those Saas-Bahu serials and were busy trying to find newer ways to tease either to their mothers in law or daughters in law. Now they sit peacefully either on the terrace having a hand fan in hand making those lovely chit-chats, which were missing so dearly ever since. What a heavenly scenario! Thanks to Power Corporation for bringing, back the peace of the society, thank you so much.


Your Boss is happy

You are spending so much extra time ever in your office now. You were the one who never stayed back in the office beyond five PM and now you do not get up before eight and even nine if nothing else to do. I know this is not your love for the work or pending work but the captive power that keeps office AC going. I also know that you do some of the work also while in office but the main attraction is the love of power that keeps you there. Now boss is happy, you are happy and your co-workers who had to contribute to your work are happy. Thanks to Power Corporation for making every one happy.

Your relations are better

Now there is enough time for a quick walk after the dinner, whereas you were not on talking terms with your wife. She was ever so busy watching her serials when you wanted to watch your news channels and cricket matches. Now the power has sorted out every dispute forever, no power no disputes. Now the most suitable option is have an early dinner and walk across the road to the community park. Oh, what a fun remembering the old ways of life while we used to sit under the stars having hands of each other and talking little tit-bits. Oh, the olden days are here again. Thanks to Power Corporation

Savings- Savings

The government planners were at work all the time. They knew it all along that the people of this country are no good at saving money despite the best of their efforts through different schemes introduced. Therefore, they planned it in a real big way. They though out a well planned scheme for you. Since there is no power, no extra consumption and no bills to pay, besides the direct saving on electric bills look at the indirect savings. Your appliances are at lesser risk of burning out, your wiring is safe and you shall pay lesser to doctors because you are more fit than ever. I must add in the end that the non-believers are turning into believers now as I can see some of them speaking loud “O God, gone again”

Thanks to Power Corporation.



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