Shopping style

Shopping is wonderful experience for me. I always find a new experience every time I go for shopping with my wife that makes me so much wiser and knowledgeable about different brands and new stores in town. She is a big researcher my wife, who is an expert on searching new multi brand stores selling ladies’ specials or different ‘discount sales’ taking place any where in city. I feel scared when I see newspaper in her hands and she looking at advertisements, which is red alert for me. Actually, I am too afraid of her shopping style when he enters a store and wants to buy first thing she looks at irrespective of that may suit her physical structure or size of my pocket. That is none of her business whether the item she wants to purchase worth its cost or not, I am only allowed to make suggestions not beyond that.


My wife- ‘Oh what a beautiful top let me try it’

Me-  ‘Look at its color, looks a bit gaudy, I mean, your age….I mean….

My wife- ‘what do you mean by my age! Just how old are you, take 6 years out of your own age, that’s how old I am’

Me-  ‘But, I am only 1 and half years older than you’

My Wife- ‘That’s none of your business; I know my age, just tell me how would I look’

Me-  - ‘Looks too costly and I think this must not fit you right, I mean you are too big for this one. A little too tight for you.

My wife – ‘I knew you would find an excuse to stop me from buying this one’ a dirty look and forward march.

Next stop, the gown section- ‘Should I try this one! I think this pair of suit is designed for me exclusively’ now I am more worried , I don’t care about how would she look like after wearing that particular suit but the price-tag with 2999/ made me almost fainted. ‘Oh come on, can’t you see the price tag on this one?’ ‘I know, I have seen it, this is only 3000/ nothing much for this lovely set of Salwar-Kameez, it’s less than the amount you goanna get from Boddunan’ ‘Good Gosh’ so, she is out to finish my online earnings in this lavish manner for that silly looking suit, no way. 

However, I came back loaded with bags and empty pockets to keep punching the keys of my lappy for further torture in coming weeks. This is known as the best time for hubby-harassment during the festive season while people selling their leftovers for double the normal rates in the name of discounted sales. I am more worried as she tried to pull my attention towards the imitation diamond sale in a nearby hotel with an argument that gold is no more suitable for daily use as the snatchers are on the hunting trail. Makes sense but that would be like snatching my peace of mind.

This is common story


Most husbands find it obligatory to accompany their wives on their request (order) for shopping where the wives enjoy their venture and hubbies find it hard to swallow because the experience of shopping for women’s item is like a nightmare for most husbands. Most women love window-shopping before going for the real kill, the shopping. Women find shopping experience much better according to duration, longer hours make them more satisfied while inside a shopping center, longer the better. This is not important what they purchase for them more important is what they see in the shopping complex. I have seen women coming out empty handed after checking out hundreds of items and spending hours in trial-rooms. After all, what do a few hours matter for the sake of fashion and style that is part of the game? 

Do not dare refuse them

I have yet to meet an intelligent husband who has the guts to refuse his wife for a shopping spree. I should be surprised if I found one in near future. I think God has given up manufacturing such defective pieces who would dare refuse their wives for a shopping tour. Most husbands keep their expressions on a smiling mode throughout the shopping period despite of a sudden desire to hit their head against the nearest wall. And look at the height of the situation when a wife comes across a friend and tells her about the wonderful experience she had while shopping with hubby, every time. “Oh what an experience shopping with your jeeju. He is such a sport, he knows my choice’  I wish she does not know the feelings going around her hubby’s mind at that particular time or even if she knows who the hack cares for him or his feelings. Most people think that women are better at purchasing but that is limited to vegetables and grocery that is not applicable while shopping for own use.  

Changing trends

There is a little bit of change in trend recently, women have become more shopping conscious with expended list of shopping items. You can see women looking at the items in a store as if they have a plan to buy any thing or every thing on display. They visit almost every counter and look every item that catches their eye with every possible angle to leave the counter leaving a tsunami like scene behind. I appreciate the patience of salespersons on ladies’ counters. I may feel depressed, dejected and disappointed in the end of such a session but they never feel or at least show their feelings of disappointment.  

Secret of fitness

I calculated the average time spent on shopping by women and found it to be most valuable for health reasons. You know women go for shopping at least 132 times every year and they use 5 calories per minute so longer the better even if we calculate the time at a moderate rate the women spend almost 48,000 calories while shopping only. That is amazing figure although, that may cause you an increased heartbeat if you would calculate the cost of that calorie reduction. But what little increased heart beat mean for a good cause of a shapely wife. And then there is another additional advantage for those particular men while women do most shopping for them also. That saves them lot of time for other important work.Shopping pattern for women 


Most women look at the size first, and then the design and price in the last, they find it exciting experience once in a shopping mall. They want to change the shops every visit therefore a thorough research of every piece they look at and listen to salesperson carefully as if he is the one who has to decide for every item they would purchase. Women find shopping the greatest stress buster, like Columbus out to discover America or out for treasure hunting. Only an electronics store can keep them away where they have very little to say otherwise the world is theirs shops are for them. 

Men are different

Shopping is almost a torturous experience for most men and more so while the women are around. Most men repeat the shops and shopping pattern. They shop for long time by buying a couple of extra pieces to save them from frequents visits. They never allow salesmen to interfere rather go by their own choice. They find it stress maker, time, and money wasting experience but enjoy while it comes to shopping for gadgets. The guys avoid shopping as much as possible. The end result women know how to shop smartly whereas men are total failure in this art.

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