Recently the CEO's of all the airlines operating in India met and decided to levy Supplementary charges as follows:

1) The passengers will have to pay 10% of the basic fare for booking seats of choice.

2) Passengers who do not exercise any seat of choice will be charged 110% of the basic fare.

3) There will be no free supply of food/eatables to passengers irrespective of their class of travel.

4) Passengers who book in advance, their food requirements during the flight, will be charged 10% of the item cost as booking charges.

5) Passengers who demand food items in flight, will be charged 25% of the item cost as supply on demand fees.

6) Free drinking water will be supplied but will be limited to only 50 ml and only once during the entire flight duration.

7) Passengers will be supplied extra drinking water  in 500ml bottles at Rs 100 per bottle.

8) The free use of toilets will no  longer be permitted.

9) Passengers wishing to use the toilets will have to pay at the rate of Rs 100  per visit, the duration of which will be maximum 9 minutes.

10) Use vof toilets beyond 9 minutes will be charged extra, at the rate of Rs 20 per minute and this will have to be paid through an opening to be activated by the cabin crew. Only after payment is confirmed, the crew will open the toilet door to let the passenger come out.

11) Reading material will be provide to passengers at a fees of Rs 50 per Indian newspaper, Rs 100 per international newspaper and  Rs 150 per magazine.

12) Passengers are encouraged to bring their own seat belts into the aircraft. Such passengers will be given a cash credit of Rs 100, to be adjusted in their next flight. All other passengers will be charged at the rate of Rs 250 per flight per belt.

13) Passengers who want to exit from the plane on priority basis will have to pay a priority discharge fees at Rs 300 per passenger.

14) Passengers will be now permitted to a free baggage allowance of 10 kg in the economy class, 12 kg in Business classs and 15 kg in First class.

15) Excess baggage will be charged at the rate of Rs 300 per kg upto 500 kms, Rs 500 upto 1000 kms and Rs 1500 beyond 1000 kms air miles distance in domestic flights.

16) X ray charges at the airports will be at the  rate of Rs 150 per baggage piece.

17) The use of airport lounge chairs will now be on a chargeble basis at the rate of Rs 100 per chair per hour.

18) All the above charges will have to be paid in cash (except at the time of booking) and proper receipts will be issued by the concerend airlines.

19) These charges are strictly non refundable. No complaint will be entertained regarding them.

20) The basic fares are to be revised upwards by 200% with immediate effect.

20) Airlines shall review these charges every quarter and also reserve the right to revise them at any time.

It was noted by them that in spite of the introduction of above very nominal charges the airlines will still take a long time to come out of red.

PS: The Indian Railways are carefully studying the proposed airlines supplementary charges. 

God save the Indian traveller !!!!!!

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