Dolphins are flying as flight jumping as deer. This happy to seen for enjoy thrill.

Dolphins are perhaps most intelligent sea animals. Her mind works as man brain.

They make various whistle is like calls to each other. All whales too make sounds to call their companions. Recently, there have been several reports about dolphins employed by doctors to treat children’s mental illness.

Humans have been very cruel to the dolphins and whales. Even now, they hunt these gentle creatures to get various products from their bodies and sell them for a lot of money.

Under a whale’s skin, there is a kind of fat called blubber. It is about 15 centimeters thick and keeps the whale warm in the cold ocean water. One large whale’s blubber yields about 30 tons of whale oil, which is used to make soap, margarine and several other things. Whale bone and whale meat are also worth a lot of money.

Whale hunting was very difficult and dangers before people learnt to use modern methods and machines. As modern technology made hunting easier and safer, large number of whales was being killed. By the end the last century, we had destroyed

7, 50, 000 for our pleasure and for money. Circus companies and parks make dolphins perform tricks for us. Many dolphins die in this way.

No one wants the largest animal on our planet to disappear. That would leave the earth a pooper place. So, we have to take care of and protect all these animals. They live for themselves, not for us. That effected to sea environment. We will see More Changes in the sea atmosphere




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