A sweet dream- it is a beautiful location. That I like so much.

A letter to her mother

64 garden street

Tourist place- Mysore

20th September 2009


Breeze S.R. Parvati

9- Lilly green park



My dear mother!

Last night I was sleeping in my room. I don’t know when a fairy came there. She looked very sweet and beautiful. She had color wings on shoulders and with white dress. She could walk and fly also.

``My child!’’ she said. ``Would you like to go with e to our Fairland? You can play there with our fairly-children.’’

And I agreed at once.

The kind fairy took me in her arms, and flew away through the sky. I could touch the clouds and see the faces of stars. Very soon we landed in the fairyland.

O mother!

What a lovely land it was! Sweet smell came from everywhere. There was classic music in the air with low voice. I saw fairy- children playing with rainbows and silver clouds. They had wings and flew about freely in the air. The wind was cool. There was no school and there were no teachers, Childs only there. There were beautiful gardens with colorful plants. Parks and play ground are there. Instead of readers and workbooks, they had comics and magic –toys. When I touched a magic –toy, it caught my hand and pulled at it. I gave a loud cry and woke up!

O mummy! What did I see!

Grand Ma stood there pulling me by the hand.

``Get up, pretty child!’’ she said. ``It is time for your school! Prepare ready to go’’

Please, mother, write me to grandmother that she should not disturb my sweet dreams.

I slept and flew to a Fairland, it is very decent. But grand mother pulled me back by my hand!

Your loving child

Uma Parvati




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