Aeons ago, when english was a baby, home men in England made their living by spreading words without concrete meaning. Mankind polished this words and used them without comprehending their purpose.

Butter finger, Nosey parker, cold feet etc. became parlance. So today for the ultimate benefit of the Supreme animal (Thats we humans ... lol) , i choose to satte the instances where the term COLD FEET can be used...

COLD FEET is when:

# You are all set to answer a paper in Physics and you over hear people discussing chemistry.

# You are about to go through an open heart surgery. As it is an emrgency, you have agreed to accept anybody's heart without knowing the donor. Just as your entering the Operation theatre ... you spot a caged monkey in the corner.

# You have just yelled at the filth person who overtook you bike on your way to college. As you enter late for your class of the new semester, the familiar face of the new lecturer recognises you with a wicked smile.

# You take all your friends for a grand treat to a posh hotel and after they finished yu realise that the only thing your wallet contains is holes.

# You are under epidural anaesthesia undergoing an organ removal and you over hear a doctor saying how tasty human flesh is and that cannibalism (Killing and eating humans) should be legalised

# You are half done with the "potty" and the tap thinks it enough of pouring for that day and all this when you have also run out of toilet paper.

# You answer a viva question and the teacher laughs louder than the sonic boom of an American Military supersonic aircraft

# You are going past the dimly lit mortuary and you hear a errieĀ  sound followed bye a tap on your shoulder

# Your an upcoming doctor , and after an operation you realise you have removed the wrong kidney of the patient.

# You are out koochi-cooing with your bf/gf and suddenly you see your dad right infront.

I hope none of the readers have ever faced any of these situations ever...

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