Bond is 50 now

Almost fifty years before in the month of year1962, a unique character took birth with the words ‘Bond, my name is James Bond’! Yes, when Shaun Connery delivered this dialogue for ‘Dr.No’ the first movie of famous James Bond series written based on novels by Ian Fleming. With these words a new character who was destined to be most famous amongst the detective, thriller cine world that would break all records of world of silver screen of cinema to thrill the audience for far longer period than even the creator of the character might have imagined. 


James Bond took the world by storm. It was not that there were not enough famous characters or movies, those enthralled audience with their charismatic work but no other series succeeded, as James Bond series succeeded, the charisma of James Bond is still alive. He is here as long as the cinema would stay, as he is one of the most legendry character ever introduced to world cinema. He is here to stay 'like diamonds are for ever'. The twenty-third of the James Bond series the ‘sky fall’ is doing wonderfully well at the current time and collecting well at the box-office allover world pulling big crowd. Critics and viewers are as impressed as they used to be fifty years before and keep waiting eagerly for a new release but 23 in fifty years should give you a fair idea of time gap his movies take to hit the screen.   

It’s not that there were no other thrillers, detective or other as famous or even more in star wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the rings or Sherlock Holmes series maybe some of these earned better than few of the Bond series movies did but James Bond is a character that none other could beat. He is a brand in himself. Although Sherlock Holmes is one character that came into the same category of detective movies and plays maybe screened or played on stage far greater times than Bond movies but while we talk about popularity, nothing to beat James Bond at that. Bond is a school a brand of himself miles ahead in his category, no other character to match or beat him. 

The fact is that creator of James Bond the darling of the cinema watchers, Ian Fleming who served in British Navy’ intelligence wing during world war-2 as a detective himself had an in-depth knowledge of basics of the art of field of intelligence services. He with his first hand knowledge knew tricks of trade that came in handy while he created one of the most dreaded agents, whom he perfected with all his expertise. The author used all his experience to, imagination and creativity to create history that took world cinema by storm. 

As we know very well that Bond movies were not only the art of busting criminals but were made with commercial purpose as well to give them a magic touch of crime, sex and wonder effects to make them totally different from the lot and they succeeded beyond expectation, they created some thing out of the world.

007Popularly known as 007 the most famous detective of the cine world looks so real that most people think that he is not an imaginary figure, he is considered a real detective who later took a filmy shape. A Youngman wonderfully well built less with almost every fighting skill and killer sex appeal, who could attract any woman he wanted to help his cause. He agreed to no hurdle in his way, ever thing was an easy task for him; he was James Bond, the great James Bond, who never counted dead or alive he left behind while on mission or for his cause.

 James Bond wanted nothing but success   

The character of James Bond probably created for the sole purpose of bringing glory to British army with the help of a super agent who could achieve high-risk jobs considered almost impossible performed single handedly. The destination of his missions aimed to success for his country in the end. He would do any thing to reach to the enemy’ camp to bring back stolen formulas, scientists, kill the enemies mercilessly without thinking about damages to the enemy’s camp facing loss of lives or properties. Most of Bond’ films deal with high-end espionage scenario while handling international criminals that provides scope for violence at mass scale, wining, dining, womanizing, clubs, parties, car races, fights and stunts. Films of Bond most suited to a spy of his status for the fight scenes pasteurized with excellent expertise, counter e espionage with help of sexy looking female agents being part of the movies make them as added attractions and thrilling to filmgoers who find all such activities so fascinating, which keep them attached. Filmgoers look at James Bond as real character and their imaginations have similar looking men who work in secret organizations. They do not find a person performing such unbelievably wonderful thrilling jobs someone from out of the world but a real one who is capable of performing such acts in real life. That is the best part of Bond films that makes these so popular and most awaited movies the world over.

James Bond OO7 the top secret agent of British secret service 

His boss M, Miss Moneypenny the secretary of boss having funny exchange of dialogues in between these two mostly indicating to close intimacy. Here is a special episode, which took place while James Bond was waiting to see his boss M in outer office where Moneypenny was always present. James Bond who always taunted her in his usual funny manner says some thing in a low voice and she in turn told him- 'You should know that this kind of behavior can cost you trouble as this qualify as sexual harassment. James Bond replied are you sure, What do you think should be the penalty for that? Moneypenny said in reply that 'someday, you shall have to part with your particular organs' 

Gadgets used by Bond, mostly the common items like ring, watches, cameras, pen, shoes and other items fixed in different parts of his body and dresses provided by Dr. Q. his love for BMW and Austin cars and Martini for drinks. His will to fight against enemy of his country including terrorism with courage and his different girl friends on different missions are some of his specialties.    

Ian Fleming made him special

Ian FlemingJames Bond who was bird watcher and expert on birds inspired Ian Fleming to name his lead character, besides few other coworkers during his service period in Navy and with first hand knowledge of operations like ‘Operation Golden eye and Operation Mincemeat’ which he planned along with other coworkers. Later he worked as a journalist that gave him more experience about writing on espionage with complete command. He wrote eleven Bond novels and two collections of short stories in his short life span as he died at the age of 56 but still alive in James Bond because when people talk about James Bond, Ian Fleming is also remembered as well. 

Ian Fleming May1908- August1964

Ian Fleming with his mind set clearly on cold war going on just after the Second World War against so-called left front or communist countries of erstwhile Soviet Russian and company countries like Hungary, Romania, and East Germany etc. His hero a representative of British and US led forces always wanted to remain active and in the process traveled allover the world to conquer them all and prove his point. Fleming did it in a grand manner. Ian portrayed his hero James Bond as a friend of friends, for instance Felix who worked for CIA and a great enemy of his and country’s enemies. He was ruthless indeed while dealing with enemy forces. 

James Bond

The actors who played the role of Terence Young, Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, were all well built as per the need of the character including Daniel Craig the current Bond. I must include the extra ordinary role played by David Niven in Casino Royale, I watched decades before and can remember it for its comic scenes as Bond lost his trousers in a scene or misfired his gun.

Movies based on Ian Fleming -  


These are movies based on Ian Fleming’s novels as James Bond in main role ‘Dr. No’ in 1962, ‘From Russia with Love’ in 1963, ‘Gold finger’ in 1964, ‘Thunderball’ in 1965 actor Sean Connery. There was a movie ‘Casino Royale’ in1967 actor David Niven. ‘You Only Live Twice’ in 1967 by Sean Connery again, ‘On Her Majesty's Secret Service’ in 1969 by 7-George lazenby. ‘Diamonds Are For ever’ in 1971 by Sean Connery, ‘Live and Let Die’ in 1973 by Roger Moore, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ in 1974 by Roger Moore,  ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ in1977Roger Moore,  ‘Moonraker’ in 1979 Roger Moore, ‘Octopussy’ in 1983 acted by Roger Moore, ‘Never Say ever Again’ in 1983 Bond played by Sean Connery a much awaited one, ‘A View to a Kill’ in 1985 Roger Moore, ‘The Living Day lights’ in 1987 by Timothy Dalton, ‘Licensed to Kill’ in 1989 Timothy Dalton, ‘Golden Eye’ in 1995 by Pierce  Brosnan, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ in 1997 by Pierce Brosnan, ‘The World Is Not Enough’ in 1999, Pierce Brosnan, ‘Die Another Day’ in 2002 by Pierce Brosnan again ‘Casino Royale’ in 2006 and ‘Quantum of Solace’ in 2008 by Daniel Craig.

James Bond with his typical jolly nature although ruthless person while on business has a solid relation with India also through his movie ‘Octopussy’ released in 1983 was filmed mostly in India. The hotel room in Udaipur is named as James Bond suite where the film was pasteurized. As a matter of fact, the items used in Bond movies become instantly popular to established as brand, even cars and other items used, auctioned in Sotheby’s the world’s most prestigious auction house.

Another example of popularity of a character of films is his style of dialogues and delivery of dialogues. If we can quote the world famous characters known for their mannerism and dialogues like we can put our own Amitabh in that particular Category, James Bond has a whole list of such dialogues to his credit, for instance James Bond while in custody of a villain asks ‘Now what do you want?’ and the villain says ‘I want you to die now” however, this particular desire of most villains have not yet been fulfilled despite they wishing so for last 50 years. He is still alive and kicking as usual even if he is 50.     

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