Roadies is one the most popular youth based Television reality show broadcast on MTV India. In 1995 there is a show Road Rules and Roadies is the Indian version of that show. The show is totally based on the youth means it has adventure, thrills, fear, lots of drama etc. In this show the journey is pre-decided and the contestants of this show has to travel on their bike which is given by the show. At the end of every episode there is a vote out system in which the fellow contestants have to give votes and according to their votes one of the members has been eliminated from the show and at the end of the show only 2 or 3 contestants becomes finalist from which one win the “name” and also “fame”.

There are so many tasks in the roadies. Some of the tasks are for prize money while some of the tasks are for Immunity. If the contestant wins the money task then some money is added to their account while if the contestant win the immunity task then the contestant will be immune and nobody has the right to vote them out. The show was originally broadcasted on MTV India from 2003 till present which is a very great success. The number of seasons of this show is 10.


Roadies X: Battle for Glory

The tenth season of roadies is “Roadies X: Battle for Glory”. The audition of this season started in various cities of India these are Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Chandigarh on October 31, 2012. The show is broadcast on TV on 19 January, 2013 on every Saturday evening at 7:00 PM according to Indian Standard Time. The format of the show is changed from the tenth season. There are two teams in the show now Raghu’s Team and Ranvijay’s team. In Raghu team he takes old roadies from previous version of the show and in Ranvijay team he select his team member from the audition. There are some Ex-roadies in Raghu’s team these are Roopali Anand, Avtar Nischal, Diyali Chauhan, Anirudh Sharma, Mohit Saggar, Suchit Singh, Roop Bhinder and Palak Johal.

The audition held in Pune on (October 31, 2012), in Delhi on (4 Nov, 2012), in Chandigarh on (Nov 17, 2012) and in Hyderabad on (Nov 20, 2012). The contestants selected in these auditions are Jahid Kalim, Geetika Budhiraja, Gaurav Singh, Sonal Sharma, Vikas Kumar, Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon, Harmeet Singh and Swati Goswami. The first episode of the show starts with the introduction of the contestants in the Ranvijay’s team. There are some changes in this season instead of scroll the roadies get a “SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2” to read their message.

Now at night Roadies organize a party for the contestant so that they become more familiar with each other but suddenly Ranvijay enter’s and the party was stopped after that he give the twist by introducing Abhimanyu. He is the winner of season 5 to challenge one of the roadies and swap his or her place in the team but unfortunately he can’t so he have to leave the game and the team remain unchanged. After that Raghu gives the introduction of his old roadies team which is a very great surprise for all the new roadies. Now there are some money tasks happens and some immunity tasks happens and finally the journey starts from Kohima. Now in Kohima again some tasks happen and now the roadies are in Mokochung. 

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