Life does not mean to idle away time. Again it does not mean to continue work only. Life is superb blending of works and entertainment.

Entertainment means

A man/woman who is busy in his work all the time he/she should have sometime for relax and regeneration. Modern life forces us to be burdened with heavy tensions. Besides we have to work for hours together to achieve something. As a result we become fatigue and bored of something. If we spend some time in entertainment it frees our mind from burdens and supplies us comforts with the help of which we can re-energize ourselves. 

Importance of entertainment 

There are several common modes of modern entertainment such as television, theatres, music, etc. but how far have they been successful in providing wholesome relaxation? Television has a number of channels and is no doubt providing a great source of enjoyment for the children. The children become matured and modernized. The elders are also getting various tastes from it. When the people have leisure time they often visit theatres to get refreshment. Music is another way of entertainment. There are even a lot of well established fellows who listen to the music of their best singers when they can save their time. Thus there are many sources of entertainment in our society. These are necessary to provide relaxation to the mind. There is no denying the fact that man would be restless if they do not spend time for entertainment.

Impact of entertainment on society  

So people should set apart one day in a week for leisure. In this way they can make their mind strong and active. Besides, entertainment also increases our depth of knowledge. There are some educational channels of television. A man can learn balanced and up-to-date knowledge on various topics. Yet it should be limited. Otherwise it would haunt our mind always and would weaken our intellect. 


Therefore, entertainment helps us in various ways. In a word it develops co-ordination between one’s mind and his body. 


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