Director   : Daniel Gansel

Cast : Jason Statham, Michelle Yeoh, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones

Rating : 2/5


Movies are the sources of inspirations, entertainment, thrill and joy. Good movies can make you happy and make your day an enjoyable one. Bad movies, on the other hand, can makes you despondent. 

Mechanic Resurrection belong to the genre of movies which will make you despondent. It is a movie filled with mindless action and above all based on impossible plot. Bishop (Jason Statham) is an elite contract killer. He is tracked down by Cairn (villain) who want to take revenge on Bishop and want to utilise his skill to his advantage. First, Cairn send two women to lure Bishop into his trap. The first one was beaten black and blue by Bishop. The second lady played by Jessica Alba tries to fooled Bishop. Despite knowing this fact, he not only love but go on killing  people to save her from Cairn. At last, our hero was able to save the girl and killed the villain. This is the formula for most of the action films. So, script-wise the film is below average. 

Now let us see the great things in the movie. Jessica Alba is the love of the hero. So, naturally she adds the sex quotients in the movie. She has a great body but it was not used wholeheartedly in the movie. However, you must have seen sexier heroine then her. Another great thing about the movie is the scenery of Thailand. This is the only plus point for the movie. The tropical beach was shot from great angle. 

You will dismay how the Director Daniel Gansel has actually copied scenes. Firstly, the scene in which the bodyguards of the villian roaming in the boat openly as if it is a war zone. Then come the all powerful hero killing all of them and saving the love of his life. How many times have you seen this scene in action film? I think the answer will be infinity. You will also see the same scene here. Further, the alpha villain in jail being guarded by his personal bodyguard. Here also you will see the same. Further the action scene was wanting and editing was not not upto the mark.

Those who are fan of Jason Statham dexterity in fighting villain will definitely enjoy the movie.For the rest it is a waste of time, money and energy.

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Written by
Nongmaithem Rakesh Singh
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