One there was a time a man was going with his pregnant wife in very dark night. In front of  one of the house all of sudden her wife started feeling labor pains. And could not be able to take even a single step. He saw every where there were no one to help them out.He feeling so helpless, screamed lot but there was no one to hear his pain. At the same time one of the old lady came out of the house and start to help them. Old lady: My dear I think you should come with me at my house and I will do the needful. Man felt so relaxed atleast there is some one to help her loving wife and than with the help of that lady he made her wife comfortable at her house. She was struggling till morning and has got still (expired)  baby born. And soon after the delivery she also died. This really made that man so lost, he cried lot and feeling so bad and than with the heavy feet he had to arrange the taxi/cab to take the dead bodies at his home therefore he is standing in front of that house. At the same time one of the neighbor hood woman told him,Please do not stand in front of this house, as this house is haunted.Than that man screamed and explain all the story which had held with him. Than the women explained that 20 yrs back  there were one lady was staying in that house and one day her pregnant daughter came here for her delivery. On the full term it was night time and she has started labor pain  at that time the  old lady roamed here and there on the street but could not able to find any help. Her loving daughter had delivered a still born baby and died soon after the delivery . This incidence gave a very shocking affect to that old lady and she had also died from heart attack. From that time onwards the evil spirit is there in that house and may she had taken  your  wife`s and baby`s live. After hearing all the story the man cried lot and gone mad. This is the real incidence which had happened with one of the man in DELHI. That House is real haunted house.  

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