PK is a beautifully crafted story which i felt was an extension of OMG, where Paresh Rawal played the central role and Akshay kumar played the role of God. The highpoints of this movie are- it touched upon every religion to make it look neutral, although it was emphasizing on Hinduism as a religion and about religious babas or dharma gurus who make this religion a business. Although the central character PK played by Aamir Khan was an alien nothing was discussed to which galaxy or planet he belonged to. We just got a hint of his planet that in his planet people have sensory powers to know what is going on in other person’s mind and that they do not cover themselves with clothes. This movie did not highlight the alien aspect of the story much and chose not to dwell upon it much. The Bhojpuri language added humor to the entire movie and the well-thought out and novel dialogues of the movie made it stand apart from other movies.

The movie highlighted the religious discrimination beautifully, explaining that God does not need protection, but some self-appointed religious gurus have assumed the responsibility of protecting God by building religious temples.  How can the creator of all human beings needed protection- was a well justified rationale that the movie had highlighted in the end? 

I felt this movie ran on the lines of OMG questioning the importance of idol worship but with a difference of an alien asking such questions instead of human being who is one among us just like in OMG. This movie was also different because it had two love stories in it one of Anuska Sharma or Jagat or Jaggu and Shushant Rajput and that of Aamir Khan or PK and Anuska Sharma, so there was a slight hint of a love angle too in this movie to keep audiences in good humor. All-in-all a masala movie with a social message, a light-hearted movie that was clean and is good for family viewing and caters to all age groups. But religious fanatics can take it to their heart and blow the religious issue out if proportion and try to put a ban on this movie. A fun filled, light-hearted movie yet depicting an important issue of how people are being fooled and duped in the name of religion has made PK the movie of the year.

Why movies like God Tussi Great Ho and OMG is slightly different, because it emphasizes the importance of God and re-establishes the faith on God saying God cannot take care of all your problems at one go...We humans need to solve our problems on our own. This movie PK also establishes and restores our faith in the existence of one God, and also re-emphasizes the fact that we cannot go close to God by simply doing idol worship or offering milk or money to God, we just need to help fellow humans to come out of our problems. We are not born with any religious birth marks, but it is we humans have demarcated and divided the society in the name of religion and language and make Gods out of stone. A very well crafted movie and a must watch with the entire family. Yet another time Aamir Khan has proved that why most of us viewers eagerly wait for his movie and why watching his movie is so much fun.

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Mousumi Ghosh
I am a post-grad in English Literature from Central University Hyderabad. I have about 5+ years of experience as an Instructional Designer. Currently, into freelance/part-time writing assignments and Instructional designing projects. I like reading fictions and enjoy reading Indian authors who write in English. I am also interested in tarot card reading and astrology. Read anything and everything that interests me!   
  • After 3 Idiots - Hirani & Aamir teamed up once again to craft a wonderful movie and definitely it is. Like many movies, though it criticizes idol worship and different rituals associated with religion, it's definitely a new path which has never been traversed before. Yes, it's an extension of OMG and light hearted humour can bring more people to theatres. But the biggest drawback of the movie is its climax .....the much hyped television show where we saw a muted Aamir. This scene could have become the best scene of the movie. But Alas, not so. Music is also above average....not as charming as 3 Idiots

  • @Sandhya: Well said- Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan -this duo have showcased a nice and well thought out movie. Also the ban on this movie is doing more publicity for this movie. Often when a ban is being asked for a movie, people want to go and watch it out of curiosity. Kudos to the film maker and actors and the entire team of PK.

  • Apparently, the movie is not opposed to religion as such. But this ridicules the rituals. Organized religion is a tyranny on humanity. Truth is same for all irrespectie of different religious community. There cannot be different God for each religion. Then if there is no God, that is trued for all.

  • Yes Sir, I agree this movie highlighted how people are also duped in the name of rituals.

  • It is amazing that Amir films that comes once in a year are all block busters. Earlier Gajini became the first to collect Rs 100 crores.Secondly 3 idiots became the first to cross 200 crore collection.Now in the history of Bollywood PK became the first to collect 300 crore from Indian soil.

  • hi abid,....happy to c you after a long time....Dhoom 3 released last year also broke several collection records.....including the highest grosser till 2014. Nw PK is leading with number 1 position