Director:    Clint Eastwood

Cast:          Tom Hank, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linny 

Rating:       Very entertaining, must watch

Genre:        Drama, non fiction


It is very difficult to make an real life event into interesting and suspenseful movie. Further, it is near impossibility to convert a true story into an entertaining and suspenseful cinema. The reason is that most of the moviegoers know what would  happen in the end. There has been exception in the past,is exception in the present and will be exception in the future too. One such exceptional movie is SULLY. 

Based on the true event what is popularly known as "Miracle on the Hudson". On 18 January 2009, a US Airway flight no. 1549 was hit by birds in the mid air. It had resulted in the failure of the two engines of the plane. The flight had no power to fly. However, due to the quick thinking and lots of good fortune of Captain Sully aka Chesley Sully Sullenberger the flight somehow managed to land safely on the Hudson river. All the passengers including the crew members survived the crash with little or no injury at all. 

The movie begin after the plane crash. The Captain and the co-pilot were hailed as heroes by the press, ordinary people and every one. However, there was an investigation going on about the crash. The investigators find some instigating materials against  the two heroes. Captain Sully would be discharged from duty without any pension if the allegation were prove to be true. However, Captain Sully faced the investigation like a man. Eventually the investigators also acquitted him. There are many memorable moments in the movie which makes it very attention gripping. There are many human side to the movie which makes it very gripping. The nightmare of Captain Sully, Captain Sully being hugs by the unknown Manager of the Hotel, his devotion to the duty which can realize from the fact that he was last man to get out of the sinking plane and the frantic call by the passengers. This is originally a story of Captain Sully. 

Directed brilliantly by the Oscar winning Director Clint Eastwood. He has made many memorable films like Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven, etc. In fact these two films have won the Oscar Award. 

Though the pace of the movie was slow. Yet due to the brilliant storytelling capability of  the filmmakers, the film was suspenseful.  The movie does n't move in a straight line. The story transmigrate between the time. At one time, investigation and the anxiety it cause to Sully were really well picturised in the movie.  This makes the movie very fascinating. Tom Hank as usual was at his best. I don't know how Tom Hank does this. Everytime he is on screen, he puts on a great show. I really love the acting of Tom Hank. 

All in all, a great movie. This is a film worth watching. 



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Written by
Nongmaithem Rakesh Singh
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