The film "Dunkirk" hit the screen last year. It was immediately hailed as a tribute to the British Soldier and a faithful representation of a true incident during World War II. The film depicts that when facing the onslaught of the German Army, evacuated from Dunkirk in the faceoff heavy adversity.

Bollywood acts

 I have been wondering why Bollywood could not make a similar film on the glory of the Indian Army. This has now happened and a film starring Dilip Dosanjh will hit the screen this year. Though it has not been specified, yet it is understood that the film is a true story based on the life of major general Sajjan Singh Rangroot.  He was a Sikh who was the ruler of the state of Ratlam. He joined the British Indian Army and rose to the rank of major general.He died in 1947. Sajjan Singh Rangroot was a classical individual and embodies the very best of military tradition. The film also is a tribute to the Sikh holders who gave their all for the British Empire and King. It is an account of the battle these Sikh soldiers fought along with the British soldiers against Germany during World War 1

Glory of Sikh soldiers

The producer of the film has done a great service to the soldiers of the Indian Army. During the days of the  Raj this was known as the British Indian Army and was mostly officered  by English and Scottish officers. Many of them in subsequent memoirs have testified to the glory of the Sikh as soldiers. I have no hesitation in stating that the Sikh soldiers cannot be compared to any clan, cast, or creed in India. They are in fact the finest embodiment of military chivalry

Sajjan Singh Rangroot was born in 1880 and educated at the Daly College Indore and the Mayo College Ajmer.  In 1897 he was made the ruler of Ratlam state and also joint the British army. He was promoted a lieutenant colonel during World War 1 and this film is an account of his life at that time.The film brings out the emotional wrenching that took place in the winds of the Sikh soldiers who fought for the Crown and wondered whether the blood they would shed would bring freedom for India. This is one of the glories of Sikh history  

 The role of Sajjan Singh is played by Dilip Dosanjh.  I have seen the trailer and can say without any hesitation that he has given a glorious performance. He is an intense actor and he leaves his imprint in the film. There is another magnificent role played by Yograj Singh as a Subedar Major who motivates the soldiers to fight. This is this one role which cannot be forgotten. The film brings out how the British soldiers initially look down on the Sikh soldiers. The Sikhs overcome this by sheer bravery and finally battle the Germans and beat them. But it should also not be forgotten that in the battle in the Middle East the Sikhs under command of general Allenby broke the back of the Turkish Army. The collapse of the Ottoman Empire is entirely the handiwork of the British soldiers, in reality, the Indian Army. 

WWI and Congress

 World War 1 is a watershed in world history.  The Indian Army fought for the king against Central Powers led by Germany. Their contribution has never been given their due as the political policy of the Congress Party was not to honor Sikh Soldiers. It was only when Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister of India he visited the cemetery of Indian soldiers who died in battle fighting the Germans in France and Italy. This glorious chapter  of Sikh history with the Indian Indian Army has not been told and it is to the credit of the film on the life of major general Sajjan Singh Rangroot that it will be brought to the knowledge of the millions of Indians who do not know their own heritage and culture

Last word

The film when released will be in Punjabi.But to a committed Student of the film history, a man  will be able to relish the glory of the film and the greater glory of Sikh soldiers who form a significant portion of India's population

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