#)Hai guys,in this article i will discuss about a film called PEACEFUL WARRIOR.
#)Those who feel really depressed and who lost confidence, iam sure this is the movie which makes you feel comfortable and makes you to travel the rest of your life with lots of confidence and motivation.
#)Really this could be one of the best film for motivation and whenever you feel depressed just think of this movie.
#)This is a based on a true story and it is based on the novel "WAYS OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR" by Dan Millman.
#)The charecters in this movie are
Scott Mechlowicz as Dan Millman
Nick Nolte as Socrates
Director:Victor Salva and it was released in 2006.
#)The story moves like this.......Dan Millman is a university student and also a famous gymnast who wants to win the  National Championship competition.
#)The story starts when Dan dreams about performing in the gymnast championship and his legs broke.
#)After realising it was a drema and aftre he woke,he goes to a gas station where he meets a old man called Socrates and he was suprised to see Socrates doing some unbelievable gymast tricks.
#)The films revolves around his passion of wiining Olympic Gold.
#)Then Socrates says that most important thing in the life is to control the emotions.
#)At first Socrates gives him some test but he fails.
#)At some point of time Dan realise the power of the Socrates trick and when he could able to do well in a practce where his team mates nad coach appreciate him.
#)But Socrates was very strict in the way he wants to train Don as he asked to clean the gas station toilets and other things.
#)Don was really frustuate dand he leaves Socrates and started to follow his own way.
#)One morning he meets with an accident and his leg was damaged and the doctor inserted steel rod in the leg,and advices him not to involve in any gymnast again,and says he is a very lucky man to survive.
#)After discharged from the hospital Don begin to have bad dreams , where he ties to commmit suicide.
#)Dan, hurt by this lack of faith, recovers from the injury and resumes his training under Socrates' tutelage.
#)Eventually, he is restored to full health and strength, while his co-ordination improves and his mind is set entirely on the present moment.
#)The best scene of this film is that Socrates says Dan that he will show the one important thing as he promised earlier,.Don was really excited and happy and Socrates goes with him to a mountain ,a three hour trip, and reaches top of the mountain.At that moment he recalls the three rules of life,
1)PARADOX: Life is a mystery,dont waste time,trying to figure it out
2)HUMOR:Keep a sense of humor especially  about yourself.It is a strength beyond all measure
3)CHANGE:Know that nothing stays the same.
#)After that he succeed in competing the US trials for the olympics.
#)But before he goes for the competition he goes to the place where Socrates live, but he found there he left the place already and someother person was there.
#)Then at the arena it is shown that he peforms his triple flick and later that the story ends saying that he lives with his wife Joy
#)Guys it is a reall great inspirational movie.Please dont miss it

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