Hi this is the third part of the Best Tamil movies in Tamil, and for the previous article you can click here(Part1, part 2).In this article let us discuss about two best films that gives the message to the society and I am sure this has no language barriers and most of you would have already seen these movies.


Yet to watch?: For those who are going to watch this movie for the first time, I assure you that, this the movie that has changed the trend in Tamil Cinema.After this film, many films were released based on the same concept i.e against corruption and Black money.


Theme: "If you are involved in corruption, either you give bribe or accept it.......Indian will punish you"

Actors: KamalHassan,Manisha Koirala,Urmila Matondkar and of our king of comedy Goundamani and Senthil.

Behind the screen:Shankar(Director), A.R.Rahman(Music Director), Jeeva(Cinematography)

Year of release: 1996

About the movie:

Kamal did and extremely good job in this film by doing a dual role as father and son, which was necessary for the film and as a result this film got him the National Award.Especially the father's character is extremely superb and credit must goes to the Academy award winning Make up Artist Michael Westmore, and as a matter of fact Michael Westmore was also used by Kamal Hassan for his recent blockbuster film Dasavatharam.

The film starts in a different way, where the Government officers who are involved in corruption are being killed by an old man only with the help of a knife and also by using Varma Kalai.Krishnasamy is the police officer who was appointed by the Government and he is an intelligent officer who managed to proceed the case in the correct way and also manages to catch Senathipathy at one instant.

Apart from this,in the other track it was shown that Chandru, who is the son of Senathipathy, was working in the RTO office and he also gets license to those people who give him money and he is accompanied by Subbiah(i.e., Koundamany).This film also contains humor especially when Pannerselvam(Senthil), who is the officer in RTO, and Subbiah meets and non stop comedy is guaranteed.

But Subbiah and Chandru are separated and the reason is shown in the flashback.Where in the past Senathipathi's daughter,Kasturi,meets with a fire accident and when she was admitted in a hospital and for the treatment to take place the doctor(Nizhalgal Ravi) asks for bribe and when Senathipathi refuses he asks him to go the Police station and get an FIR.

The similar thing happens in the Police Station when the inspector asks for the bribe.After that, when Senathipathi returns to the hospital he finds that his daughter was dead and after hearing this news Chandru was totally dejected and he starts to hate his father as he believed that if Senathipathi would have bribed him, his sister's life would have been saved.

Then the film goes to the past during the British period when Senathipathi was young and he was an active extrmist.He usually kills all the British officers and naturally he have decides to joins the Indian National Army, which was established by Subash Chandra Bose in Singapore.

At this scene it was shown that Kamal was the commander under Nethaji's army and he introduce all the army men to Nethaji.Credit goes to ST Venky, who was the graphics designer for this film and he also won a National Award for best special effects.

Later he was captured by the British when he attempts for a suicide mission on one of the enemy's tanker.Later he was released after Independence and he returns to see his wife Amrithavalli(Suganya).At this point a superb song "Kapaleri Poyachu....", will raise the National spirit feeling within us.

Then coming to the present Senathipathi also finds that his own son Chandru was corrupted and he decides to kill him also.He also succeeds in his job when Chandru tries to escape in a flight.During this accident occurs and everybody felt that Senathipathi was also dead.But later he calls the police investigator Krishansamy and says that he was safe and also says that he will come back again and kill those people who are corrupted.This is a positive end for this film.

When the film was release everybody used to talk about the character Senathipathi, i.e., "INDIAN THATHA" (Indian Grandpa).Apart from Kamal and Venky, Thota Tharani also won the National Award, for bet Art direction.The music by A.R.Rahman was extremely good and all the songs were smash hit.


Yet to watch?: Hi friends I guess most of you would have seen this best National Integration film of 1996.A very touching and a very sensitive film.Hats off to Maniratnam who has directed this film and also for handling such a sensitive subject.This film is about the violence that happens between the Hindus and Muslims in Mumbai.


Theme:"Don't separate the country in the name of cast or religion.... We are all equal.... We are all like Brothers and Sisters and ....and most importantly.... We are all Indian"

Actors:Arvind Swamy,Manisha Koirala

Behind the screen: Maniratnam(Director), A.R.Rahman(Music Director)

Year of release: 1995

About the movie:

The film starts in a beautiful village in TamilNadu.Sekhar(Aravind Swamy) who was working as a Journalsit in Mumbai comes to the village to see his family.There he finds Shaila Bano(Manisha Koirala), a Muslim girl of the village and he falls in love with her.It was started as one side lover but later they both love each other.

Sekhar goes to Shaila Bano's house and asks permission from Shaila Bano's father for marrying his daughter.But he refuses and also hurts him.Nassar who was the Sekhar's father was very angry in hearing this and he scolds Sekhar and he doesn't want a Muslim girl as his daughter-in-law.

So Sekhar fights with his father and he leaves for Mumbai.After reaching Mumbai he also sends a letter and ticket to Shaila Bano and requested her to come to Mumbai, if she loves him.Shaila Bano was in a tough position to take any decision and finally he decides to go to Mumbai and marry Sekhar.

Then Sekhar receives Shaila Bano at the Mumbai Railway satation and after they get married in a register office.after few months Shaila Bano becomes pregnant and she also gives birth to twin children and they named their children as Kabir Narayan and Kamal Basheer and this is a perfect example to show the unity of Hindus and Muslims.

They preached them with both the religion and also taught them we are all Indians and should never fight in the name of God.This film is loosely based on the riots which occurred in Mumbai after the destruction of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya.So in this film also riots between Hindus and Muslims according to this reason.

"But we should remember that all these riots are not due to the ordinary innocent people in both the religion... but these occurs only due to the religious extremists, who just provoke innocent people in the name of God... But all of them knew that all Indians, irrespective of religion, either Muslim or Hindu or Christian or Sikh or Jain, are brothers and sisters and it is only due to some bad people who are behind all these violences.So friends atleast from now we should not believe in those words....Whatever they speak in the name of God... we the People of powerful India, should always realise and keep in mind that we are all brothers and sisters....."

Coming back to the film, in this riots many people were killed and moreover both Kabir Narayan and Kamal Basheer were lost in this riots.Then the rest of the film goes in search of these kids and finally Sekhar finds both the child and he also gives an emotional speech that was really touching and this also made the people realise and after this all the people holds hand together irrespective of their religion... with the back ground music of "famous Bombay Theme".Really a fantastic emotional scene and moreover the music of A.R.Rahman speaks in this song and the music is such a melodious and inspirational that makes people cry and this music also also expresses the power of unity.


This was a turning point in the Indian Music era because this "Bombay Theme" sound track was used in many other foreign films and albums and some are mentioned below,

i)2002 - It was featured in a Palestinian film Divine Intervention

ii)We can also hear this music in Nicolas Cage action film "Lord of War" which was released in 2005.Ive watched this movie

and this music comes when the people of Africa remove all the aeroplane parts with Nicolos Cage was watchin the entire

activity sitting at a distance.

iii)1998 - It was also featured in Volume 5 of the chill-out compilation Cafe del Mar

iv)2000 - Apart from this, it was also featured on a French TV commercial for Volvic starring Zinedine Zidane

v)Ciara also used the one of the song i.e "Kehna Hi Kya"(In Tamil it was Kannala re...) in her new song 'Turntable'.

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